March 19, 2018

Yep, then you go to church and you are supposed to believe in a guy who believes in the talking snake, the Tower of Babel, Noah and his ark, and a God who died to himself, after the blood of oxes and rams didn’t work. This is an adult man standing in front of you. Then you have a bunch of females invite you to do something good…..or be part of their group, like you couldn’t do this on your own. Take a walk, I do or don’t do things because they right or wrong…period.

Stuff March 18 2018

No Ian, bible God does change……for a long time he was happy with just having animals burned for him, then he changed his mind and scrapped that and decided to have himself sacrificed instead.
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Isaac Newton Brown Yep, sacrificed himself to himself, so I can provide a profession for some fake, phony fraud pastor and family. Gee, thanks omnipotent one, you so wise, and nice.

Oh, I see now….phew my eyes bad….he protecting doctors treating transgenders…..yep, that correct. The abortion part goes without saying, but I must say, I heard him supporting Guliani with his day set apart to honor women who had had abortions. I consider Trump a gutter snipe fort this, and just can’t trust him, but then I know it’s politics…..votes of constituents is what counts.Just don’t go blind for this guy. He a big phony…..but I know, “he’s our guy, right now.,”

Facebook Stuff

Yes, it is a moral problem, but few kids did what this graphic said above . Of course, some, but not a one here in Waco, where 2000 kids protested. I hate graphics like this….too much confirmation bias…..something that drives Facebook so much. Divides people into groups. I say unite groups, don’t separate them. How many people from whatever party wants immoral acts. It’s actually ridiculous.

My stance about political parties these days

Oh, no, Barbi, like this too? Hey, remember when O’Reilly said that guy who was supposed to have killed Kate Steinlee, went on his quest to have Kate’s law passed in all the states….well I was blind back then. But then I found the guy declared innocent by a jury. Then O”Reilly bounced from Fox. It was then I began to change my tune. I personally don’t know who is correct on any of this political stuff, so I’m now in the middle….NOT passing judgment anymore. The right has its desire to keep power in the senate and House, so there is a push to depict ALL democrats as EVIL…..thus using religion all the time. The left paints itself as completely correct on everything. I don’t trust either one. Catherine, I bet a nice lady, but too one sided for me at this time of my life. Watch Fox one day, then MSNBC the next….phew….poles apart….each declaring the other side wrong.

Gun control needed….at last

Need more gun control, Colin. Time has come, and the public fed up with losing students every year. I don’t know the answer, but at least some kind of solidarity needed against guns to high school kids needed. Our local high school here going to walk out. That might be a good thing. BTW, other issues don’t actually relate to this….like banning cars.

Did the Democrats talk gun control when Steve Scalise was shot when playing softball!? NO mention of it then.

Democrats are a political party. They stand lockstep. I don’t agree with them hardly at all, but know one thing….we must have an opposition parties to keep each other straight. That is what I’m trying to convey. Without criticism of Obama, imagine. Well same applies now with Trump. Must never become an ideologue for either party.

Think of this, too, Catherine: You adhere to religion closely so as to give prestige to yourself…..God is on your side, right?!!! You re vealing yourself to dishonor him in your being such a one-sided person. Do you think Jesus would act like you/ Think about this a little, okay. I know you a nice lady, just too one-sided. Was Obama all bad….is Trump all good? Look, when anybody does good, say it, and vice versa.

To Catherine

Yep, rely on nobody except yourself. It;’s your job to make your life great, not a church or group of others, but they could help, I know. Do what you know is right always, don’t look back, unless you made a mistake, then apologize or make amends. Grace is a bunch of bull, it allows people to feel forgiven, but does nothing for those hurt. It sounds nice, but compromises justice.
For example, about justice, Catherine. You have a guy like Hitler, he indirectly kills 50 million people, but accepts Jesus on his deathbed, and through grace is forgiven. That nice, but where is there justice for the pain of the 50 million/ It just thrown out the window. Ever think of this. I bet not. Ask your pastor.

For Donna

Unless one is part of the half the world who is Muslim, Buddhist, Shinto, Bushman etc. What about them, Donna? They just thrown away. I doubt so. How can God do this?This is problem with strict adherence to ANY one religion….they reject others. There are over 38,000 different Protestant denominations, each, of course right about everything. Which one is correct? Only Catholics correct? Think about this, Donna, not trying to hurt, just make you consider what you put out, an exclusive doctrine. But I remember this from growing up Catholic in a Protestant part of the country, Washington VA…..phew, did we get made fun of. Please think about this….if God wanted to save us, why let all these varieties of beliefs. I don’t get it, but have an open mind.

Trump is just not likable to me

Hope he is….I just don’t like Trump. period. Pompous ass to me. But he ain’t all bad like dems say, nor was Obama with repos. When any President does well I say it, when wrong I say it too. I especially don’t like the way Trump tries to make everything “friendship”, or He’s a good or bad guy, BS….with him pointing at good guys, etc. Guy is such a demagogue, I can’t take him. But I’m still leaning towards repos….but now am not sure. This politics game really turns me off, especially on Facebook, with it’s graphics being so one sided and often mean.

Who cares what she is?

Who really cares if she Scientologist. Can you prove a single thing about your beliefs. I’ll wait….just for a scintilla of real evidence, not just belief….akin to Scientolgists, Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, Adventists, etc. Abortion is just plain wrong….period. I don’t care what you believe. I’m a Christian, BTW, and have been for over 40 years. Stop condemning others for their beliefs. Who really can tell?

King James Bible….from 2012

Queen James Version Bible
Money is a big motive in Bible publishing. All copyrights on the standard versions of the Bible like the King James, and American Standard are expired so a publisher needs to change a certain percentage ( I think it is 10) of the original text in order to qualify to for copyright protection on a new version. Once you have this as a publisher, boom, due to fact the Bible sells so well year after year, you possibly make a boatload of money. But that also is why there are over 200 versions of the Bible extant…with this Queen James Bible being the latest iteration…this time changing Biblical admonitions concerning homosexuality. Everyone in the world knows what the traditional Bible says about this subject, so this new Bible will have little effect on people’s beliefs.