Damn, once yet again….the questions…plus

Yep, He surely did, but to be presented as a great man, not in my book, but instead a hero character because he a king, and winners write history…just in my little book written in crayon. I’m not a fan of the OT….and have read it several times, unlike about 97% of anybody who believes in its tales, like the ark, Jonah, Samson being the stupidest man alive, plus he killed a 1000 men with the jawbone of an ass. talking bushes, donkeys, the 10 Commandments, of which there are really 613, the admitting by the Israeli Archeology team that there is no evidence for the Exodus, not even a single shard, the genocide practiced by Joshua when he conquered Canaan. etc, etc. I’m not an atheist actually just a guy who can’t swallow this religion creed everybody “foisting” on us all. Barbi is the only real Christian follower I know, but slightly deluded. Hey, why not just do good because it is right like I do. My mother taught me this, plus I born with a soft heart. Nothing to do with sweet Jesus. Consider this one, everybody. A friend comes to you because he didn’t say hello to you. You say, no problem you forgive him. But then he says, stop instead of just forgiving you, tour friend says he going to torture and kill his own son for you. How would that make any sense? .Why not just say okay, I forgive you. why kill HIS son for you? That is what God was supposed to do with us….kill his own son…who is actually himself, BTW…to forgive us….yep, have him be beaten, scourged….himself, remember….then crucified. This all part of a drama people never consider for veracity. They just see Jesus dying for their sins. Okay, Barb, or anybody, copy what I wrote, then take it to Sunday school and ask to discuss it. Then expect a call saying don’t come back


Then to Judy about God’s plan for us to hono:

Ut oh, Judy, I wonder how God can have a plan for everybody at the same time….wow what planning. Seems like things just happen, no, and we make the best of it. I’m seeing too much needless suffering to thing God plans all this. I can’t see the Holocaust being in his plan, or guys getting their heads chopped off by Muslims….who have a God with an too. Think about it.

That’s life

That’s life….just ignore all this, and live life to fullest….but don’t ever hurt anybody along the way. Take credit for your actions, you did them, and ask forgiveness for your mistakes that affected someone….never wait on this one. We would have one great world if everybody this this.

Was better being ignorant

Best way to keep friends and have better agreement is to get off FB. One finds out too much about people being on this rag, and prejudice magnified big time. People like to form groups…usually to verify their fears , hatreds, prejudices, beliefs. I know of no better group to do this than one who has God associated with it. I’m not against God per se, but the dumb groups people form using him as an excuse to feel confident about their ideas….almost always against somebody who has different ideas than them. It’s so easy just to defriend them, and one gets used to it here. Graphics exist all over the place, usually espousing a radical view of the world, and trying to rile people up. I’m actually sorry i ever joined FB….fives years ago, but must say, i’m understanding the world much better, but who needs that. Was better being ignorant.

Yes, religion counts on guise of being purely positive…..when in reality more evil, like 9-11, discrimination against blacks and women and Jews, anti-gay propaganda, etc has been perpetrated by religion than any other source. Then there are wonderful religious types who ignore all this because they legitimately great folks….like Barb, maybe her church, my wife, etc. I just do things because they are right, and want no credit for it. Most religious types want pure credit, or want to appear like nice people….phew. Not you, Barbi, you a legit Christian, but others, I’m not sure.

the clouds had nothing to do with the rain?

John Ecker I doubt if angels exist….any proof there, Kath?


Natalie Steutterman They DO exist John……..just watch for them.They`re all around us.

John Ecker Please show one I can see, not imagine, Nat. I used to believe one stood at the end of my bed, but I also believed in Santa back then too.

Natalie Steutterman They`re fleeting…….. they get us through difficult times when we need them the most.They are scents, feelings, breezes, memories…… and most of all love that breathes it sweet breath on us when we least expect it , but NEED it the most.

John Ecker Okay, Nat, then just imaginary.

Kathryn Hoey Not so John. Ever have a “gut feeling?” How about the old saying “something tells me…..?” Where do you think that comes from?

John Ecker Not actually valid, Kath. It’s called confirmation bias. We remember what we favor, and forget what we don’t. That’s all that is happening here.

Kathryn Hoey How about this……….Angels are mentioned all throughout the Bible. The Bible is the word of God.!!!

John Ecker Phew, you ever speak in church….you can’t according to the Bible. Did you son ever be disrespectful, then you could take him outside of town and stone him. Do you believe in talking snakes, donkeys, bushes,? Do you believe about the ark, or about Lot, or Jonah, or Samson killing 1000 men with the jawbone of an ass?That’s all in the Bible. Come on, Kath, I have read this book, you haven’t.

Now this from Joyce Arnes Dielh; What a rainy day! It’s so depressing to not see the sun. But I thank God for the rain which nourishes the gardens and the trees and grasses. Everything according to his will! Our God takes care of EVERYTHING!

This from me….But Joyce, the clouds had nothing to do with the rain? God very busy you know. I wonder if he has the time for your every thought, your heart beats, your breathing,  plus everybody else in the earth and universe, plus keeping the electrons circling in every atom, etc. He really thinking about your rain?


The Hag and the Stag

Phew, that is what always bothers me too….groupism, meaning your group can do literally anything and you support it. You a corrupt dirt bag, Billary, especially when you support Bill over those women who correctly accused him. You ignore that and anything goes with you. …anything. You a big trimmer over Benghazi, then emails….you therefore think you above the law. Take a hick, lady.

The Ark….again

Yep, and built by hand by an old guy and his trusty sons with no saws, nails, rulers, etc. Just amazing, heh? and to pack all those animals from Australia, Madagascar, New Zealand, etc, what a guy!!! But just wondering, what did the carnivores eat after the ark landed, everything gone, right? To eat other animals would be to wipe out a species. Oh, this was beginning of evolution, now I get it. Hmm., it all makes complete sense now.

Yep, I can’t figure out why there is such suffering in the world, many times by completely innocents like babies, kids, old ladies, men, people like Gail, etc. Christians say it’s because Adam ate the fruit (original sin), but the Bible  (the most decrepit book ever written, I have read it in the last 5 years, phew) said by eating it Adam and Eve would be eating from the tree of knowledge of right and wrong, so if so, how were they supposed to know right from wrong BEFORE eating?   What exactly can be the purpose of all this …with a loving God just standing by? How about with Hitler, the guy kills 60 million people, but Christians say that through grace he could have been forgiven just by accepting Jesus as his savior. That’s great right, but what about the justice for the 60 million who died…that just dismissed, summarily. So this grace that Christians tout is actually the forgoing of justice for the guilty. Come on!!!
I’m frankly pissed Gail could die like she did. God is supposed to know all BEFORE it ever happens, so why this with her, the best person any of us have ever known? What about all the prayers? Why pray them if God knows ahead of time? People say we have free will and that sin causes all this….then why animals suffer?…or babies? or people in earth quakes? What exactly did they do?
Sorry, Les, I pissed about Gail, and want some answers. But I don’t want to cause you to answer them with delusion….like almost everybody does.
Please don’t share these thoughts I have with anybody. They are just between you and me….THINKERS. Nobody else in our family are thinkers….period.
I hoping you will come next fall.


Yep, I’ve been calling many people here religious fans for several years….that means their group, like a team, is never wrong. Yep many are fans here. But such is same for any group…I call it groupism…a way humans categorize things in the world to simplify….but again their group is rarely wrong, just like a political party not wrong or like a football team with the refs.

Another thought

Against abortion:

Not to me, but that fine. I see this as right or wrong, not God against the devil. Why is religion involved?….just another group to me. Groups constantly condemn for reasons often not based on right or wrong, but instead of a fabricated construct. This leaves justification for literally anything, but to be against abortion is a positive one. Phew, how any negative things are they justified to be for? Right now, Muslims see us as evil, but this just isn’t right, correct. That is what I am talking about.

Yet again


I agree with this poster. The Bible also says to stone your son for disobeying, be stoned for picking up sticks on the Sabbath, women can’t talk in church, women with their periods must stay outside town, kill all the men and children in towns conquered EXCEPT keep the virgins for yourself, kill two pigeons and soak their blood to put on yourself for leprosy, plus literally dozens of other BS stuff. Yet nobody knows of any of this, and pastors will surely never tell about them. The Ten Commandments a joke, but nobody knows them anyhow. Look, just do what you know is right….period, and leave homosexuals alone. They just want to be happy, and loved like anybody else. But just like rights for blacks, churches are going to resist, and use the Bible to justify. Quite disgusting to see yet again….making an enemy to go against. Please tell us what Jesus said about this… NOTHING….just a guy named Paul, who was trying to form a following, akin to Joseph Smith of the Mormons, or L. Ron Hubbard of the Scientogists. Okay, now think about all this, research,discuss it….before you condemn it. How would you feel to be homosexual….something nobody would choose for himself, and besides can be spread through reproduction….so where’s the problem?