Examine your own heart

True, but many atheists are pro-life, I have found. Atheism is purely a position concerning God that says, “provide proof and I will believe”, nothing about pro-life per se, unless, yes, the atheist a strict liberal, but I have seen some of them pro-life also. People must stop labeling others in general, and especially here. People tend to summarily group others….it’s your group against mine, and a leadership forms exploiting and promoting such….to maintain their positions of leadership. Examine your leaders first. One thing to find out is whether he or she is an anti-gay bigot.

Let me give some statistics I just found. if a woman’s health is threatened 77% of fundamentalists say abortion justified, and liberals are 96% in favor.; for strong evidence of birth defect same groups are 50% and 77% in favor. Then for not married same groups are 25% and 48%., and doesn’t want more kids, 24 and 46 %. Yes, liberals say abortion okay in more cases and higher percentage, but significant amounts of pro-lifer do too.


Best way to keep friends and have better agreement is to get off FB. One finds out too much about people being on this rag, and prejudice magnified big time. People like to form groups…usually to verify their fears , hatreds, prejudices, beliefs. I know of no better group to do this than one who has God associated with it. I’m not against God per se, but the dumb groups people form using him as an excuse to feel confident about their ideas….almost always against somebody who has different ideas than them. It’s so easy just to defriend them, and one gets used to it here. Graphics exist all over the place, usually espousing a radical view of the world, and trying to rile people up. I’m actually sorry i ever joined FB….fives years ago, but must say, i’m understanding the world much better, but who needs that. Was better being ignorant.

Hey, Pastor

Hey, pastor, why would Jesus appear 2000 years ago, then just disappear….insisting like a kid that we must accept him from our imaginations? Does he like people with great imaginations? And, why waste so much life, like a kid starving to death in Africa in his mother’s arms? Then, also, why insist we must accept Jesus as our savior….tell me first, “Savior from what?” What did I do to deserve being thrown into a lake of fire forever, am I killing people? How many of my neighbors are so horrible as to deserve such. We all born bad, right? Then tell me why you summarily forgo justice for grace. Isn’t grace destroying justice when you can forgive Hitler if he accepts your invisible Jesus, but at same time destroy justice for the 60 million Hitler caused to suffer. They don’t count to you, just acceptance of invisible Jesus?

Statement concerning homosexuality

. Whole Catholic Church condemns it…..backwards thinking, that will change, as does all with them. It’s not catching, guys….it hurts nobody…..it’s NOT an abomination to God, as the Israeli tribes feared. for their kids, thousands of years ago.

What is true, Mike Iovino

Trump’s style is something to be ashamed of. He a symbol of right wing BS, I know….but who really knows what is true anymore. I surely don’t. Please explain all this Fox news stuff seemingly made up by Shawn Hannity show concerning Trump being persecuted. I used to honor everything Fox News used to say, basically about Obama, now I’m wondering what was actually factual…..since O’Reilly found out to be a fake, phony fraud, and Eric Bolling, plus now that blond fake on at night. I’d really like to be informed on all this….like I used to think about myself. Can you help, Mike?

The Ark, yet again

Yep, God screws up….tell me just how a God could do that…..then he decides to destroy all with a huge flood, hey can’t he just blink us away, not resort to such a crude method, then he changes his mind and has an old guy somehow build a huge craft without nails, have millions of different kinds of lifeforms, hey what about plants, put on the craft, then forty days of rain, at huge amounts of it falling, then a dove coming back, then one not coming back, then the ark lands in the mountains of Turkey, then the old boy, Noah, gets drunk with his daughters screwing him. Nice, God, such a wondrous story. Phew. Hey, I got a bridge to sell you.

Ever think, Sandy

Ever think about grace, Sandy….in how it forgoes justice. You have a guy like Hitler for example. He indirectly, and directly kills 50 million people. Then on his deathbed says he believes in Jesus. That nice for him, but what about justice, through punishment of him, for all the suffering of the people who dies. Please answer, honey. I want your input.

From several years ago

I’m wonder why Jesus dying had anything to do with settling a debt of Adam. Why have Jesus die, when nobody knew this concept of him dying for our sins. And why have this happen in a desert country on the edge of no where. What about China, India, Europe, etc./ Those people didn’t count, and still don’t it seems. I’m thinking all this is the filling of a need to provide meaning and discipline to people’s lives….but would love to be proven wrong. Nobody tries to even answer.

If you’ve driven North Kings Highway, you may have seen a man who appears to be hanging on a cross. On Thursday, Reporter Lisa Gresci went to the First United Methodist Church to check out what ma…

To Catherine

Please, Catherine, examine yourself a little….you depicting positivity…..sure, with your posts declaring how bad the country is right now, Phew, I remember back to the days when first our beloved Kennedy got shot, then MLK, then Bobby Kennedy, with mobs of kids protesting the Vietnamese War, occupying Presidents of Universities’ offices, blacks being denied rights, women seeking equal rights, etc etc etc.. These days we still by far the most prosperous country You seem to think you helloing, but tell me how so. There is only one point of view in your posts, when such is patently false. See the picture below. It depicts how we all need to view issues. It’s called “3 Points” meaning there is one side, the other side, then the middle. Tell me how either extreme side, like you, can ever agree with the other extreme side. Then look at your religious stance, another one where no dissension allowed….like my wondrous Barbara Plenzo. So we all supposed to believe in a man in the sky, who uses a burning bush, snakes, donkeys to communicate with mankind, who condones slavery, with the ark full of animals, the Tower of Babel explaining why we have so many languages…..with my beloved Barbara….whom I still love BTW…blocking any reasonable interaction. I must say that you haven’t done that…..but what is this fake guise of “Power of Positivity” you purport. Look at the sculpture below You not doing good, but harm, honey.

Three Points 1939?40, cast before 1949 Henry Moore OM, CH 1898-1986 Presented by the artist 1978 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T02269

Jack and the Beanstalk

Why would god want to have his own son be tortured and killed to forgive our sins? It’s like killing your own son in order to forgive a guy who ate a fig on your property….sorry I won’t forgive you unless you crucify my son.. This whole Jesus story is akin to Jack and the Beanstalk in terms of veracity.