Yep, I’ve been calling many people here religious fans for several years….that means their group, like a team, is never wrong. Yep many are fans here. But such is same for any group…I call it groupism…a way humans categorize things in the world to simplify….but again their group is rarely wrong, just like a political party not wrong or like a football team with the refs.

Another thought

Against abortion:

Not to me, but that fine. I see this as right or wrong, not God against the devil. Why is religion involved?….just another group to me. Groups constantly condemn for reasons often not based on right or wrong, but instead of a fabricated construct. This leaves justification for literally anything, but to be against abortion is a positive one. Phew, how any negative things are they justified to be for? Right now, Muslims see us as evil, but this just isn’t right, correct. That is what I am talking about.

Yet again


I agree with this poster. The Bible also says to stone your son for disobeying, be stoned for picking up sticks on the Sabbath, women can’t talk in church, women with their periods must stay outside town, kill all the men and children in towns conquered EXCEPT keep the virgins for yourself, kill two pigeons and soak their blood to put on yourself for leprosy, plus literally dozens of other BS stuff. Yet nobody knows of any of this, and pastors will surely never tell about them. The Ten Commandments a joke, but nobody knows them anyhow. Look, just do what you know is right….period, and leave homosexuals alone. They just want to be happy, and loved like anybody else. But just like rights for blacks, churches are going to resist, and use the Bible to justify. Quite disgusting to see yet again….making an enemy to go against. Please tell us what Jesus said about this… NOTHING….just a guy named Paul, who was trying to form a following, akin to Joseph Smith of the Mormons, or L. Ron Hubbard of the Scientogists. Okay, now think about all this, research,discuss it….before you condemn it. How would you feel to be homosexual….something nobody would choose for himself, and besides can be spread through reproduction….so where’s the problem?

Explain this studff, Debbie

I still trying to figure out why God would want to have his own son die for a sin committed by Adam thousands of years before. Would it be okay to kill your own son for something a kid down the block did? I know this thing about Jesus dying for our sins sounds nice, and seeing over and over him hanging on the cross is emotional, but I’m not understanding just what so terrible the average guy on the street is doing wrong….not saying hello to the neighbor, or looking at the nurse’s butt in the hospital, etc. What is with all the whining and gnashing of teeth say on Jimmy Swaggart’s channel. And this grace thing… is it fair, how is it just?. Seems like it forgoes justice to me. You have somebody like Hitler, who killed over 60 million people, some with horrible torture, well he says before he dies that Jesus is his Lord….boom forgiven, right? Well what about the 60 million who died, how is it fair to forgive Hitler, how is it fair to them. This grace thing just seems like a nice way to hook people into believing….because somehow they thinking they born bad, and need salvation., Why is there the slightest scintilla of evidence any of this religion stuff is true. Why isn’t Mormonism true, or Islam. Oh, that so easy to dismiss, right? I know all this is a rush of negativism, but for some reason it just burst forth….the devil, right? My sister just died of pancreatic cancer, after mountains of prayer….why didn’t it work, we are supposed to be able to move mountains, right? Okay, now befriend me, instead of considering the questions. But, yes, it a great blessing to have such a beautiful baby. Debbie, you say, God will never change….well then the suffering, beheadings, pain will just go on, right? None of any of this makes sense to me.

Also, Debbie, tell me why a God, the father, would not just forgive everybody….why allow hundreds of thousands of people die in a tsunami. Why this movie like drama where people forced to play out a morality play….with babies dying, people having strokes, kids starving, etc. Doesn’t seem like a God who knows what is going to happen anyway. Why let us play out all this?

Bad Muslims?

If Christians lived in a religious state like some Muslims, things would be similar. Religion acts as an excuse to do literally anything….like kill witches of our past, or say blacks can’t take a piss in a white bathroom, or hang someone for non-believing. Phew.

This from Aril 9 2013

I have discovered one important thing since joining Pro-Life Waco….that being that the lawful ability to have an abortion has put tremendous moral pressure on women. In the past such a decision was not an option. The pressure to abort the child and take what is billed as an easy solution puts the woman therefore in an incredibly tough moral predicament….most often when she is confused and scared. Parents, school, Planned Parenthood, boyfriends tell her to go ahead, it’s no big deal. Planned Parenthood says it counsels girls but they are amongst the biggest liars in history. They counsel girls, but why then do only 2% of them who leave the place decide to keep the child. Great counselors they are….but of course great money makers. This is hard to believe unless one actually researches things, AND stands in front of a PP clinic and watches the girls go in….then come out afterwards. Phew that is eerie, and seems unreal. In short, never in history have girls and women been put in such a moral position….and many are scarred for life. To hear in person these women’s stories and see them sob will make any person cry….if he/she has a heart at all. But there are some women who are fighting like she-bears for their sisters. Phew, I saw them in action in Austin last week. These gals are fearless, and most often the “Pro-Choice” gals shrink down in the presence. They punk out like the bullies they are. We waited all day last week for our group of female warriors to testify in front of the Congressmen, and it wasn’t until 1 in the morning until they did. One after another they hit home very powerful points, and personal experiences. Then when the Pro-Choice gals were called every single one, save one had punked out and left. The single one was called up, and she then refused to testify…only ask questions. Our ladies had backed them down. This was incredible to see. On TV, all we hear is the dumb point of view of feminazis, and you forget that women like this still exist.

Abraham april 6 2016

Put yourself in this guy’s shoes. You going to sacrifice your own son to some bloodthirsty creep that loves the smell of cooking flesh and blood? What about talking donkeys, bushes, snakes….going to listen to them? Then get on an ark or go inside a fish’s stomach for three days, or try to fight Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. How about having a mother impregnated by the Holy Ghost.

Easter BS

Yep, I’m always wondering about the blood, first of bulls, goats. lambs, then of God’s son. What is this obsession with blood by God. I’ll tell you what, it’s man made BS. I’m also wondering what this reenactment of Jesus walking to with the cross is too….so we can see soldiers beat him, and peasants mock him. Why? To make us all feel guilty, that’s why. Then we become part of a decrepit group of people in sorrow….till next year. Phew.

Easter 2016

God sacrificed his son…for what….to satisfy himself from something. What good to yourself to sacrifice you own son? Doesn’t make any sense at all. Plus, why for only two days….that not a sacrifice. You get sent to hell for eternity for doing anything wrong, why not send Jesus to hell for eternity….that’s a real sacrifice. Nothing makes a bit of sense to the mind, but this can be used to control people if they shut their minds off, and just react emotionally.

I’m also wondering what he paying the price for. How can he pay the price for something I might be doing wrong 2000 years after he died.

No this all an emotional way to control people in a church.

Put yourself in the place of God. How can any of this stuff make sense. Sacrifice yourself to yourself? Come on!!

Who we going to vote for?

Who we going to vote for this year? Trump not a president in his demeanor…instead a guy throwing out insults, like ranking or trash talking of our youths. Would he throw personal insults like this with Putin, or Assad? The guy can get the angry votes of 35% of the US population, and destroying the Republican Party, but 65% are against him. Thus he going to hand the election to the gutter snipe, Hillary Clinton… ancient relic of the past….try to imagine electing Bill Clinton again, at his age. She the same age as him!! phew, what to do?