Why can’t we all go around bragging about ourselves falsely, and expecting religious idiots to believe us. Right now they believe in talking snakes, donkeys, bushes, as well as think a God would sacrifice himself to himself, instead of merely forgiving us for the dire indiscretion of eating a piece of fruit. Yep, my wife gave birth to our son and was a virgin, you know. I killed a 1000 men during Vietnam with the jaw of an ass. Want more, you dumb SOB’s.

Jesus saves from what?

A guy posted on Facebook, “JESUS SAVES!!!”.

I asked the following:  Jesus saves from what, Michael. I just don’t buy this BS that a baby born bad, and that mankind deserves nothing….because Adam ate a piece of fruit, before he had knowlege of right and wrong from that tree of that fruit. That make ant sense for a loving God? Please respond.

No prayer, please

Christian nurse fired for offering to pray with patients, now fighting for her livelihood

Problem is, “which prayer did she offer, Hindu? Jehovah Witness> Baptist?, Shinto, Catholic?….all of which exclude one another for heaven. No, just like no prayer in school, we must watch out about advocating for indiscriminsate prayer any place like nursing. We must be careful here….this is Ameriuca, where all religionds honored….but none favored. But with this nurse, just tell her this, then let her go back to work….just no prayers.

More about church and homosexuals

 How can any real church reject homosexuals, like the Southern Baptist Convention just suggested to their member churches. Of course, these same Southern Baptists, rejected blacks having any rights. This fear of homosexuals generated by churches for unity in a “cause”….keeping attendance and the pastor’s salary up. Tell me anybody, have you ever had bad experiences with homosexuals? We will wait for examples….go ahead, tell us….

Problem, Jim, is to determine if person professing is evil or not. I dislike Trump, big time, but must wait until jhe screws up, then I will attack him bigtime, but only for that act. Being in a group of complainers concerniung everything he might do is just plain wrong. I frankly think all politicians governed by opiniion of vactivated oters. Obama actions activated Repos, now this. “progressives” now activated by Trump, and things will swing otherway. But lying and exaggerating not going to help the country in the long run. I really don’t know what is true and actual anynore, and you a guy I respect are not helping. I say. let’s wait and see about Trump.

What is this belief BS?

Yep, tell me why God would want siomeone to just believe in him (without evidense BTW), and then not expect you to be good. So a good guy in New Guinea not as good as a believer in America? What kind of egotistic God is that demanfding you believe in him. Why? It’s having a soft and kind heart that counts, not belief.

Why, no evidence?

Yep….not a neutrino sized bit, and a neutrinos so small they can pass through the earth.. Why this disappearance act by God. Why ask us to believe with no evidence. What kind of all loving father would insist on being invisibe and shut your brain off to believe? And what kind of loving father would say, “No, take and torture my son (which is really me), torture him, then kill him”, instead of just forgiving?’ What kind of sense does that make?

Pleasae supply, Joyce or RON

Truth is king to me….very simple. Remewmber when we all kids and nevewr considered just how Santa cpould go down so many chimneys, or deliver so many presents in one night….we just accepted stuff without thinking….mainly because we believed everythiung our parents said. Well\, I just don’t accept stuff just because a priest, imam, or rabbi says it ,or becaudse it is written in a bronze aged book. But I have shown respect for Joyce, I thoght. Am I supposed to say Santa could do all those things, or tell the truth. Truth is actuqally what makes things work. Do you prqay or go to the doctor? Hmm, why? I edon’t want to lose Joyce or get started on this stuff because I have so much stuff to point out. I was a blind believer for 40 years….do you think God would want me to shut my brain do9wn? I don’t think so. I frankkly believe in God the fathere, but think this Jesus stuff is fabricated….BUT AM OPEN TO A NEUTRINO OF PROOF TO BELIEVE AGAIN. Please supply!!!!. Ron, you supplied nothing to a thinking person. Please supplly.

2000 years ago BS

I don’t really get why and how Jesus could die for me 2000 yrears later. Why would a loving father not just forgive mankind, why not just forgive us. Why not declare such from the sky so everybosy knew. Why make us enact this drama we in? Nope, no loving father would make us suffer, just because some newly createcd crrature ate some fruit….before he actually knew right from wrong….just a bunch of BS. I’m not saying there is no God, but this cone depicted above is pure fantasy.

#Who can say I’m not worth living

Yep, people will say this, but look at the smile of such a person, and tell me that. Nobody can take joy from the world. This talking about life in the abstract. like pork bellies, is plain anti-moral…..I can’t talk about killing somebody’s mother that way. Who can judge the value of a mother, likewise who can judge the value of the boy above?