Sin….written Feb 21, 2013, and still holds for me

People always refer to sin. I am used to hearing preachers hammer congregations about their sins and how they must repent. You see people cry, and raise their hands towards heaven during altar calls. They are ‘Saved”. Saved from what? Funny though, this never resonates with me anymore. I think to myself, “What sin did I commit this week that is so bad that I am to cry and beg forgiveness at the altar like some people. I wonder to myself, “What the heck have they done that is so bad?’ I look down my block and see guys go off to work everyday, then return at night. I wonder what they could have done so bad….while trying to make a living for their families. Are they breaking the ten commandments right and left…murdering, stealing, breaking the Sabbath, etc. Are people expected to be perfect and never let a thought enter their minds that is not pure?

Maybe if I were a pastor, I would come to realize that people are sinning right and left, and how pitiful they are. But I don’t see it in my extended family, and anybody I know….only maybe in the paper….and on Sundays at the end of church.

I don’t get how God would expect everyone to be perfect….after he gave us all free will. I don’t expect it of my own kids, and surely wouldn’t throw them into a fire if they made a mistake. I think all this is BS invented by man meant to control people.

But I still say, man needs religion…he seems to need it for strength, hope and direction, and I don’t say do away with it. Just don’t let anyone make you feel like a piece of crap, just because you are human, and sure as hell, don’t send anybody any money.

No prayer in public school

Absolutely not. I had prayer in school as a sixth grade student….until the parents found out the teacher a Jehovah Witness. Tell us exactly what prayers would be okay,…Muslim, Buddhist, Mormon, Baptist….all count the same here in America. Nope, maybe a minute of silence a day okay, but formal prayer, no way in public schools.


Fundamentalists condemn man to be completely rotten and deserving of nothing except by the grace of God. Thus man controlled due to his need to be “saved”. In ancient times sacrifices used with blood thrown all over the place, now people think this abolished because God sent himself to compensate for our badness. This makes no sense….too much drama. Just show yourself, Jesus, instead of rewarding us for being infinitely gullible, instead of using our brains. Of course this will threaten somebody here and I will be blocked. Hey, ever think that God might want for us to use our brains? It’s like a class of kids in school. Who will the teacher give a better grade to, a non-thinker, or one who uses his mind?

Wishful thinking

 Phew, all this above in graphic is a prime example of wishful thinking by the person praying. Very rarely are prayers without consequences to others in terms of their free will. You pray for rain, and the guy next stores prays for no rain. You pray for your team or group, and the guy next store for his. Pray is an example of egoism to me….do what I want, hell with everybody else. Not always of course, but many times. Thus next time you pray thing of others it will affect.

Forget about it

Me too, but fact is that pastors care more about attendance than anything. It pays the money to support their families. It’s a profession first, than ANYTHING else. So few pastors will take the chance of riling up maybe half their congregations, and thusly lose attendance. You ain’t going to see pastors inviting pro-life people to talk in their churches….period. It’s actually a phony profession, you know But of course there are exceptions, but in general, forget about it.

And oh,, now making a remark about blank sheet above depicting what Bigfoot and God look like together:

Yep, I see them, clearly. Please forgive me, Lords, for being born a piece of dog doodoo.I know I need you for approval. Don’t worry, I’ll go to church and wail towards you. And of course, I’ll pay my tithes. Thanks, Lord, you are completely good. Say hello to my infant son you took up there.
Just found this out.,The devil only killed 10 people in the Bible, God millions.
 I’m wondering, since he knows what everybody will do, why we having to live out this savage drama we have going….with innocent kids suffering and dying, animals killing one another by putting their teeth into other animals throats, abortions, rapes, All this since the beginning of man, and ever since. Why, just because a woman told her mate to try a fruit. What is all this happening for, Connie?
Please tell me how God can be all loving if all this happening. Why let the devil sneak into the garden of Eden. Phew, was just thinking. Wonder what you would say about all this. A mystery, right?

Don’t act like this creep

Problem is that the guy at head is judgmental towards groups I’m sure he has never had any experience with. He a typical fundamentalist, be in their group you okay, if not, you go to hell. What kind of crap is that, especially since there are 38,000 variations of Christian churches, each of course is the only way to be saved. Saved from what?….being different than them, that’s what. Be a Christian, but act like Jesus, please.

Let’s wait

Let’s wait to see just how well Trump does before we do anything. Don’t be victim of “groupism” (my group always 100% right….yours always wrong. That’s not how democracy works….extreme groups against one another. If he does well, praise him, but if he screws up, let him have it. How else can he straighten himself out. Remember George Bush II. He a Republican but screwed up big time. We supposed to use groupism to justify him. Right now, Democrats are activated by groupisn. Let’s see what happens with Trump. I surely know this guy as a trimmer, and a liar from watching his actions. But he surely deserves a chance.

Why can’t we all go around bragging about ourselves falsely, and expecting religious idiots to believe us. Right now they believe in talking snakes, donkeys, bushes, as well as think a God would sacrifice himself to himself, instead of merely forgiving us for the dire indiscretion of eating a piece of fruit. Yep, my wife gave birth to our son and was a virgin, you know. I killed a 1000 men during Vietnam with the jaw of an ass. Want more, you dumb SOB’s.

Jesus saves from what?

A guy posted on Facebook, “JESUS SAVES!!!”.

I asked the following:  Jesus saves from what, Michael. I just don’t buy this BS that a baby born bad, and that mankind deserves nothing….because Adam ate a piece of fruit, before he had knowlege of right and wrong from that tree of that fruit. That make ant sense for a loving God? Please respond.