University degrees and beliefs

Have been watching an Ancient Aliens marathon. I have come to realize that university degrees and one’s beliefs are not necessarily related….that is, you can be a PH.D, or MD, or engineer and have stupid beliefs….like those in ancient aliens. I should have seen this when considering religious beliefs that people have.

Diversity in news channels

Picture of fact Fox News has overwhelming majority of blond female reporters….

Yeah, what is this the blond female league?…but MSNBC bad too, in other ways. Very little diversity on any channel anymore. Bad times. This entirely different when I young. NOBODY knew who Cronkite, or Edwards, or Brinkley favored back then. I know people don’t like Fox News, but it’s their job to keep Presidents straight, and they doing that now with Obama. Other channels do it with Republicans. It’s tough to see a person’s party pilloried, but that is what must be done to keep them on the narrow. Power is bad for ANYBODY….both partires. I’m lucky….I go after whomever is in power, no matter who the party.

The Bible….the “word” of God

Yeah, if it’s in the book, it’s got to be true. Not a shred of rreal evidence….it’s just in the book….the cherry pickers delight. Just anybody….try to read this bronze age bundle of pure B.S. Go ahead just try. But don’t let anybody tell you to read just parts….read thw whole thing….after all it’s the “word” of God….it just has to be good.

Read the Faith Healers by James Randi

If people really want to SEE THE LIGHT, read the Faith Healers by James Randi. This guy famous for debunking men who profess to be able to heal through Jesus. This I knew already, but the book made me notice that the entire repertoire of language, beliefs, and BS is the precise same stuff used by evangelists like Pat Robertson and Jimmy Swaggart. I am thinking now the whole religion thing is as false as the faith healers…..but as the book says….”there are people who just WANT TO BELIEVE….no matter what they learn”. Amazing to me. It’s like believing in your football team….you root for them and ignore anything wrong they do. You hope for breaks to come their way, whether correct or not, Luck should always be on their side, you get excited to hear and sing the songs, etc. Same crap. But know you will lose friends, wife, or acquaintances if you even mention this. You will be working for the ultimate bad guy….the devil. This is how people feel about me….including my family. But read the book anyway.


People constantly calling soldiers heroes now. This is BS.

 Yes, but watch out about thinking veterans aren’t counting the days until they get out of the service….like I did, and every single Veteran during Vietnam. We weren’t heroes like people would like you to think….just loyal Americans doing a job….period.!!! Most heroes are dead!!! You can thank us for going and doing waht we had to do, but enjoy doing it, never.

Not at this time, but I did in past. I’m just going to do what is right for its own sake, not to please God or religion. Then I know I can’t brag….like the Bible says not to do. Hey, I read this think constantly. I bet NOBODY else does, except the passages prescribed. Have you ever read Genesis 22-!-10 where God tells Abraham to sacrifice his own son on the altar. Tell me who would do that and be a loving God. And what about stoning people for adultery or picking up sticks on the Sabbath. Or talking snakes, donkeys. Or thinking leprosy was a sin against God, ETC< ETC. Fact is 99% of people have never read the Bible….period, yet will make huge claims from it. No, I’m just taking a chance that God will not punish me for using my brain. I’m just sticking to doing what I know is right, not written in a book not read by anybody. Yet, funny isn’t it, I’m the same person I was yesterday before anybody knew this….hmm, I’m not worthy of being a friend now?

Hey, Gabriele Swaggart

Hey, Gabe, just saw your crossfire program where you describe your struggle and how the cross saved you.
Have to tell you, all this guilt and struggle you experienced was result of conflict you experienced trying to live up to the B.S. you father and grandfather fed you as a child.
Don’t you see all this religion stuff is man-made, and a way to control followers. What would So-life do without all this fake stuff by your family….have to work like everybody else.
Well, had to tell you that to help, not hammer you.
But tell me, you going to do the same with your kids., Your wife seems nice, but she a nut too. 
This my opinion. I was a Christian for many years, and have studied all this very well. You are either a phony….or a fraud.
I know this letter will be shielded from you….but maybe not.

More stuff for Donna

Yes, Donna, glad you understand that I am only trying to give you knowledge I have gained from studying this stuff for going on 4 years now. I read, study, listen EVERYDAY on this, even weekends. My family thinks I’m a little nuts, but it interests me the way people are controled by a fear of going to hell, and desire to go to heaven…..even though not a shred of evidence to prove either. I was thinking about hospitals last night. If prayer really worked why need hospitals or doctors? If it worked everybody would be cured. It only gives hope to a person, but there is no efficacy to it. Ever notice how people will rationalize whatever happens as a benefit to the person prayed for. The guy dies, boom it was God’s will, he lives, oh, thank God. It really shows you about the nature of man, and his desire to feel protected….like when he was a kid with his father or mother. This Texas is full of religious types who will never let you field a question…..almost pure Baptist….like I used to be. So homosexuals going to hell because it was their choice to pick this lifestyle…imagine believing this? I am quite disgusted by the beliefsw here…..though the people….like you, Lee…..don’t even know the doctrines and dogma of their own churches. It’s amazing to me…..just go along.

More for Donna about war and politics

Obama, yes, I rate him a criminal….like Bush, but Bush killed many more people. Yes, he caused killing, and so many injured Amereicans…..imagined if one was your son or daughter….their lives ruined. Damn, I just can’t forget this. Imagine….none of this middle east BS would be happening now without the Iraq invasion. I personally don’t give a damn about their girls going to school or not…..and not WMD’s there. Shit, I’m still pissed about all the dumb killing, and ISIS existing now. See what you always dio, Donna. I remember when the Iraq War started, you stated, “This is a war we needed.” Wow!!!!

Sorry to bring up about that statement, but I consider it the dumbest thing I have ever heard, and made by a person….at that time… completely controlled by propaganda. Was very sobering for me. But I was the same at one time, so it made me look at myself. So you saying this helped me see the effect of a person who was controlled by blind belief. In short, Donna, when you see something wrong, no matter if it’s your own party….stand back and say, Hmm, I am not going to just go along.” Hey, Republicans don’t want rights for homosexuals you know. They got us into a useless war in the Middle East that affects us now, and 100’s of thousands of people….including kids….have died. Can’t keep quiet about such stuff, Lee. This stuff just not right, no matter who did them. We tend to look at war in the abstract, but if you in a real battle with guys getting their heads blown off right next to you, you see the concrete. We tend to only discuss things like they just a story. Well have a bomb blow your house up and kill your baby, and then it hits home. This is what has happened frequently in other parts of the world.



A letter to Donna

Yes, Donna, Audrey a perfect example of what Jesus would say to do and think. She a treasure to have around. Religion makes good behavior be spiritual, but this is just a way to make large groups accept it. Catholics believe in sacraments (works), and Protestants sway works will not get anybody anywhere…”lest they brag”….so who is correct. Both say they are the only ones to know how to be “saved”. I say, “saved from what”. I am not a bad guty worrying about God striking me down, or sending me to hell for looking at a woman’s butt… burn for eternity….put your hand in a candle for just a second, then try to imagine your whole body in a hot fire….forever. That fear is what keeps preachers in business. They condemn homosexuals, women, minorities, etc to gain followers. It’s actually quite disgusting to watch….and very obvious down here. Not seen in New York. I have come to all this conclusion since moving here to Texas. You might not understand what I am conveying. Just trying to give you insight so you not hammered by guilt…..the great method of the Catholic Church. Think of yourself as God. Would you send your children to a fire for eternity because of various rules like not going to communion once a year.? And, heck there are over 20 thousand variations of Protestants, all of which say the others are wrong. Each tells it members that only they knew the way to heaven. I doubt really there is a heaven or hell….these just made to control people. All this invented as a way to control primitive tribes in the desert thousands of years ago. You have no police so what do you do to keep the men in the tribes under control. You scare the hell out of them by telling them God has talked to you and given you some rules for them to follow, like don’t screw your friend’s wife, or steal from him, or gossip, etc. This works because people so dumb back then that they afraid to disagree….and besides they rules protect them too. Well, I could talk to you for hours about this, but that enough for now. Of course, you are going to continue in the church as I have, but just watch out for negative stuff that might make you feel bad. You a great person…period. Just do things like Audrey because they are right, not to please anybody. Then you fine.