Some random thoughts about atheists

I don’t condemn anybody for their religion, nor say one has to believe like I do. I forgive everyone, and try to help….yet I am not a Christian per se, but neither an atheist. I’m just a guy who doesn’t swallow that Jesus was born of a virgin or that he was God. I doubt there is a heaven or hell….and there are people who would kill me for that. I really doubt anything would change….except the story line….if a tomb was found tomorrow with Jesus’s bones in it….showing he didn’t arise from the dead. Good people would stay good, and the bad would still be bad. This thing about morality coming from God is pure B.S… me.

There are those who believe like I do, as there are Christians, Buddhists, Shintos, Mormons, etc.

Actually how many of you believe in Quetzalcoatl, or the Hindu Gods. I don’t, nor do you….so we are all atheists to Gods not in our own religion.

So an atheist is not bad if he doesn’t hurt anybody, same as a Christian.  Just some random thoughts for what they are worth.

More on gay marriage

It’s just logic needed, Sam. Everyone must know that homosexuals do no harm to anybody, except in our own minds. Why the meanness towards them because of what Paul, not Jesus, believed to be correct 2000 years ago? I know some are effeminate, and open to ridicule because of being more prissy than women, but others aren’t that way. Leave these people alone….they don’t bother us, and deserve to have equal rights, just as interracial marriage people and anyone else do. I know I keep repeating myself, but so are others here doing such….usually Paul’s stuff.

I just wrote the below to Gabriel Swaggart, the fake, phony, fraud preacher son of Donnie Swaggart:

Gab, you a nice guy, with a nice wife and family, but otherwise you are a lying SOB with the scary message you lay on these nice and impressionable kids. You would have made a good football coach with the fake message of redemption, and triumph….only if they listen to what you direct them to do. Tell me, what did these kids do so as for them to deserve to cry, and feel so bad? I know, it’s the fake, phony, fraud concept of original sin….the thing they have received grace for. What a crook of dog doodoo. Leave the kids alone, you phony, fake fraud….though I am not really sure you have swallowed all this from your father and grandfather. Hey, if anybody reads this, copy it quick because I will be banned from your reason soon.


I noticed that when I pressed “post” the whole message just disappeared. Hmm, wonder why?

Admonishment to Christians about homosexuality

I admonish Christians not to rake a hard stance on homosexuality. The church is going to be forced to accept the practice as okay, and not sinful. Anti-gay laws falling like flies….just like anti-black laws did in 50-60′s. Who would defend such laws now….certainly not the church. Same thing is happening now with gays. There is no stopping this. For the church to survive as it is in strength now will necessitate it to change its stance….then you defenders of the old bronze age laws of the Bible in this area will have to eat crow….sorry for the reference. Tell me, if you were born homosexual, how would you feel? If your daughter is a lesbian, what will you do….cast her into hell? I think not, so don’t do this with others.

Muslim Extremists

After seeing all these Muslim fighters running around shooting everyone, or kidnapping, or condemning Christian women to jail, I am beginning to think Muslim culture is out of control in terms of radicals controlling things. Maybe this is exaggerated, but if it is true, we had better watch out.

Heaven and hell

This heaven hell concept meets needs of people, but such doesn’t mean either exists. Before you were born, you lived without pain, sorrow, or worry. Maybe it’s the same after you die….just oblivion.

 Holding heaven and hell in front of congregations is a means of controlling them, and praying on their fears….plus it makes people pay for the priestly profession.

 Look, believe in this and you are a puppet to be manipulated by guys like OldBrear who will call you a hater if you disagree with him. Sorry, Oldbear, but you recently did such to Jinx, a dopey broad I don’t usually agree with, but I can’t judge her as “evil”. That means she going to hell, right/ Oh, yeah, I know that is up to God. I know religion is meant to help people who feel bad about having human feelings (original sin), but a true thinker will not fall for it….this is my opinion, that’s all. I don’t care what you actually need to believe. Maybe I am wrong, but that’s just how I size all this up. I have no guilt, and am not worried about a fake, phony, fraud place like heaven and hell. Just give me one shred of evidence proving these…one shed of evidence.

Climate changre hoax?

I became skeptical when Al Gore got involved….then won the Nobel Peace Prize for his Powerpoint presentation on global warming. Then there was a research facility studying this issue which suddenly lost all it data….sorry don’t have the details, but I remember it happening. Then Obama got involved….so now it’s political, ut, oh. That did it for me. Now my friend, a guy who has a chemistry degree with a brother who had an engineering degree (PH.D) from MIT tells me it’s a hoax. Plus I remember the ice age scare while in college myself. Finally, why is this such an issue now that we all have catalytic converters on our cars, and plants are going to natural gas over coal. I’m thinking the hoax is on.

Hey, Donnie Swaggart

Donnie, I just heard your analogy about man’s sin nature, and his human nature, and how this related to the Jews going into Canaan. Hey man, there are many years apart for these two events.
You are either very ignorant, or you are living a huge lie.
But you a good guy…I will say that, but how long will you do this harm to people….making them feel bad about being human.
Dr. Isaac Newton Brown
BTW, are you going to ban me from writing….like Frances, Jimmy, and Jill have done on Facebook….just for stating what I think. I guess everybody must agree with you…or else.

Gay Marriage today

Yeah, Sam, I remember just about twenty years ago or so when inter-racial marriage was not allowed. Now, no big deal….just like gay marriage will be. I’m not saying that I like it in terms of wanting to be in such a situation, but those that are, I am not going to make their lives more difficult. Just don’t judge them, and forget about the bronze aged book that calls it an abomination. If it could be spread, well then yes, it might be considered such, but it isn’t….no matter what anybody tells you.

Remarks and questions for the Swaggarts

Jill’s Swaggart’s Facebook page is the only one of the Swaggarts’ that I can write on. All the others seem to have me blocked. So much for criticism, right. I guess these other Swaggarts are perfect, and beyond critiques. Let’s see how long I last here.

Overall the Swaggart ministry is good for America. It gives people direction, purpose, and a moral code. But it is surely not perfect. What kind of creed condemns others as if it was definitely correct in itself? Case in point, Catholics are going to hell if they don’t accept Jesus exactly like the Swaggarts prescribe. And tell me where all the pat stories that Jimmy uses come from….the ones that conveniently fit EVERY situation he wants. I say they are made up, or modified. And what about the hero worship of Jesus….with all the emotional and referent singing….when in fact not a single shred of real evidence exists since the beginning of time to support he is God. The whole ministry is like an Elvis fan club. Are my criticisms false. If so, just say so, and provide proof to the contrary. I actually think these people believe all this stuff, so I am not saying they are insincere. Another thing that bothers me is this concept that man is pitifully bad from birth and he needs God’s grace to be “saved”. This is what provides the control religion has over its members. All the singing as praise, and the pathetic ringing of hands at the end of each service as the Swaggarts tell the congregation, “You are saved”. I ask, saved from what. What exactly do these people do that is so everloving bad? Are they all killers. Well enuf for now. Now lets see the attacks, or the banning of any discussion. I know you all are governed by blind faith, but at least try to react like Jesus said.