Here we go again Joyce

John Ecker I have never figured out why people always saying “blood” of Jesus. This go back to animal sacrifices of those stoners in the Bible?
John Ecker But, Joyce, what about how God treats women in the Bible….like crap. For example, David had four wives. David lusts for Bathsheba but she married. He therefore has the husband put in the front lines of the army, and is killed. What does God do about this….he has David’s wives raped. What kind of crap is this. Or Job. God allows the devil to kill Job’s 10 kids….nice right? I just don;’t get this human sacrifice of Jesus either. What God was still mad that Adam ate some friuit, so God sacrifices Jesus….actually himself….to forgive our sins. Why all the drama, why not just forgive us, appear in the sky saying so, then go on. I keep asking this, but you keep saying Jesus died for my sins. What sins? I don’t do any sins….except use my common sense a little. You?

Easter BS

God in special ed. back then. He couldn’t reason. He has been tested every year since ancient times, though, to get out, but flunks continually….always killing or torturing his testers. Look what he did to himself….oh, I mean his own son….in the picture.

Okay, I give up, you not going to address my questions. Go ahead, Judie, continue on in the dark just ignoring everything you see around you////babies dying, earthquakes, famines, wars, rapes, all because Adan ate some fruit. Why the invisible act, Jesus. Why reward gullibilty as the main requirement to get into heaven. Why not just appear in the sky. Why a battle of Armagedden with millions dying. I thought you felt we your children, Nobody I know would do what you do to their children. Yep, go ahread, dear Judy, continue on and ignore all this. BTW, I have hundreds more questions like why could a womens hand be cut off for grabbing the gonads of a guy fighting her husband, or why Eve just stood there talking to a snake, I run when I see a snake, and did the snake have legs back then since God said he would have to not slink on the ground forever. The snake represented the devil back then….who created the devil, how did “evil” come into the world. Why did God allow the devil to kill Job’s kids….10 kids? That make sense to you or anybody reading this dumb post. Yep, just let everything just slide.

Cut the crap, God

My goodness. This is God’s will right?…., part of his plan to help her, right? Phew, I hate this kind of stuff. Makes no sense. Hey, God, appear in the sky….what is this invisible act you playing?…tell us you real, and forgive us. What is with all this drama of you…oh, I mean your son, being crucified. Just forgive us. Stop babies dying, people being tortures (usually by fundamentalists of various “faiths”, hey cut the cancer, the diabetes. I’d do rthat in a second if I weren’t what is fostered off as you.

Abortion is just plain wrong

But abortion condoned in other parts of Bible….a Bronze Age book written by nomads. Daniel, cut the religion stuff. One can literally almost find anything in it….usually by persons without good personal arguments. Abortion is just plain wrong regardless of what the Bible says. It also says you can have your son stoned if he disrespectful, and that Joshia could have his men kill ever person and animal in Jericho, but save the virgins for themselves. If you would just read this book, you would understand. I never use it with smart people, there are hundreds of examples like I give, but I bet you have never been exposed to any. ABORTION IS JUST PLAIN WRONG, whether you be Hindu, Buddhist, Baptist, heathen, or witch.

Come on Rachel

Sure, Rachel spread the guilt.. What did we have to do with what happened two thousand years ago. and why couldn’t God forgive us….why have Jesus suffer, just appear in the sky to show you exist. Why do people who are the most gullible the ones “saved”? Saved from what? How many people do you know commit heinous sins. How many have you committed, honey? None, right. So why sing this revolting song. Hey, Jesus said he coming back before his discipled had died….why is he. Look, you and Jimmy have a good thintg going there….with your father, sister, and brother all on the dole.

From April 9, 2013

I have discovered one important thing since joining Pro-Life Waco….that being that the lawful ability to have an abortion has put tremendous moral pressure on women. In the past such a decision was not an option. The pressure to abort the child and take what is billed as an easy solution puts the woman therefore in an incredibly tough moral predicament….most often when she is confused and scared. Parents, school, Planned Parenthood, boyfriends tell her to go ahead, it’s no big deal. Planned Parenthood says it counsels girls but they are amongst the biggest liars in history. They counsel girls, but why then do only 2% of them who leave the place decide to keep the child. Great counselors they are….but of course great money makers. This is hard to believe unless one actually researches things, AND stands in front of a PP clinic and watches the girls go in….then come out afterwards. Phew that is eerie, and seems unreal. In short, never in history have girls and women been put in such a moral position….and many are scarred for life. To hear in person these women’s stories and see them sob will make any person cry….if he/she has a heart at all. But there are some women who are fighting like she-bears for their sisters. Phew, I saw them in action in Austin last week. These gals are fearless, and most often the “Pro-Choice” gals shrink down in the presence. They punk out like the bullies they are. We waited all day last week for our group of female warriors to testify in front of the Congressmen, and it wasn’t until 1 in the morning until they did. One after another they hit home very powerful points, and personal experiences. Then when the Pro-Choice gals were called every single one, save one had punked out and left. The single one was called up, and she then refused to testify…only ask questions. Our ladies had backed them down. This was incredible to see. On TV, all we hear is the dumb point of view of feminazis, and you forget that women like this still exist.


Yet again….tell me, and us, anyone

John 3:16

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Posted by Jesus Daily on Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why kill himself to himself. Doesn’t make sense. Think of this one to see why. You have a neighbor who did a minor thing wrong to you, like eating a piece of fruit from your tree. He comes to apologize. It would be easy to forgive him, but instead say, “No, you must take my son, beat him to a pulp, whip him, throw a sickle into his side, then hang him on a cross to die.” Tell me, and everybody forever who would do this to his own son….who somehow happens to be him….and how would it do anything to solve the original problem? I’ll wait for your answer, Julie, and anybody else’s.

Madelin Murray O’Hair

If you listen to her, you see she right. Can’t have prayer in school because which religion going to be favored. we had prayer in school when I in 6th grade in Virginia. Then parents found out our teacher was a Jehovah Witness…..boom, it stopped posthaste. Yep, just what prayer is okay for all….here in America. Not having prayer in school hurts nobody. A minute of silence works, but prayer not needed.

A note to BJ Vassaneur

BJ, watched you for two years on Jimmy Swaggart telecasts. You were so beautiful of voice, and smile. Then I started to notice his Pentecostal message, and assume you spreading the same thing. First of all the assumption is that everybody born bad, and deserving of nothing….all this done to us by Adam eating an fruit BEFORE he had access to the tree of knowledge of right and wrong.  How can a loving God do this to his young children back then, and why to us all NOW. What kind of perverted morality is that? Would you do this to your children….then to all of theirs….with killing, robbing, child molestation released upon the world. Things just stopped making sense to me. Do you buy all this BS.? Please explain to me, and everybody.

More later, but not to her:

 I hate this original sin BS. I’d like to know why a loving God would place a tree there in the garden….the one that gives knowledge of right and wrong, then have a talking snake tempt Eve, who convinces Adam nothing wrong in eating fruit from this tree. So they eat, and death, robbery, torture, hunger, etc released onto the world…..all before Adam and Eve knew right from wrong. But God knew all this would happen, so he must love the drama we all living. Just don’t foregt, HE LOVES US!!!
Here we go again. English is our official language in that everybody in power must speak it. Is this part of your church agenda….just wondering….usually right wing stuff from there, as it was from my church in past. No more church for me. I quit Prolife movement here when I was asked to take place on anti-gay and anti-transgender demonstrations….hey, let’s s=tick to pro-life. Then I realized all these types were religious fanatics. God is pro-life you know, and so was Jesus….but he never mentioned it in Bible….a book written by ancient tribesmen in the desert….phew, what a great and efficient plan you had there, God. But this horrible book NEVER read by anybody, but quoted to justify almost anything, from Slavery, to women not talking in church. Did you know, Joyce a woman was not clean for twice as much time after giving birth to a girl instead of a boy. Of course you didn’t.