Please name them for me since they are so important. I’ll bet you can’t name four of the ten. The boy scouts have a better and more thorough code than the ten commandments, as would any group of people. Did you know there are really 613 laws in the Jewish code, not just these ten. And also remember that the Jews lived in Egypt for 400 years before God gave them this code, and Hammurabi’s code existed for man, many years before the Commandments. Do you think for a second that the Jews didn’t know that killing and robbing were wrong before God sent these commandments. Besides Moses killed an Egyptian and knew he had to flee years before these commandments given. That’s because killing was against Egyptian law. This whole commandment issue is an example of ignorant people being manipulated by politicians and the news media.

I am not a sinner

I am not a sinner. I am very loathe to this “original sin” theme. Sure I have bad thoughts, but I never hurt anybody. I don’t like this “you are automatically guilty” dogma of Christians. It makes everybody beholden to an invisible God, and his clergy, for the slightest positive thing in our lives. I do things because they are just right or wrong using the Golden Rule as a guide.

I know I keep saying this over and over, but I’d like to free others from this huge weight you are carrying. Of course, continue talking to God in your minds (self talk), as I do, maybe from habit, but get over people bashing you for being a human being.

I don’t judge anybody unless I know they doing wrong….err, like Aggies, and I forgive almost instantly.

I don’t think anybody on this board a better person than me, nor is the Pope. We all just human trying to put our kids through college and hoping them the best.

I don’t need groups (like the church) to make me happy or entertain me, or provide a vehicle through which I can do good. If I see a person who needs help, I do it, say nothing and go on.

I don’t see how God could be mad at me for trying to be good, and for using my intellect.

I must say that Baylorfans has helped me in coming to my state of mind….having to defend myself from attacks….because I showed doubt in their fact less pronouncements. I used to just let the church define me. Now I know it was my mother who did that.

It took a while, but I have been at peace for about two years now. I hope others will find such….but I say, what you do in church is nice, but not based on anything real. Like I always say….show me (us) the slightest bit of real evidence, and I’ll change back immediately.

Mothra wrote back: INB, the interesting thing is, if we are truly Christian, then we aren’t carrying any weight over past sins. As Christians, we are forgiven. I know this is a concept you don’t believe, but for Christians, we believe we are new creations. Doesn’t mean we don’t struggle with sin, or even repercussions of past sin, but the bottom line is Christ’s forgiveness was the most freeing thing I ever felt. I suspect most Christians would say the same.

With regard to your claim that you’ve never hurt anybody, are you saying you’ve never said or done anything in your life that hurt your wife? Your children? Friends? Parents? We ALL do and say things that hurt people. Just this morning I had to apologize to my son for being too hard on him yesterday about a poor grade in math. I am constantly apologizing to my wife for inconsiderate things I’ve done. Bottom line is we have all done things to hurt people. Each of us is guilty of that.

I responded:

Yes, Mothra, I have say many, many dumb things, but I always apologize for them…immediately.

I’m just not seeing that I am doomed for being a person. I think all this sin stuff is a way to control people, and support a profession….pastor, priest, mullah, prophet, etc.

I’m not saying religion is bad, and you a good example of a good resultant person, but I’m just not walking around with the burden you have to extract. But, I’m no better than you….BUT, you no better than I. You have the church to support you….I just have myself. But that is fine for me now. Wasn’t that way several years ago, but I’m seeing clearly now. I frankly don’t buy all the Bible stuff, and I certainly don’t believe Jesus was God, instead just a great teacher. It’s a nice story for some, just not I. Things must make sense for me to believe now….and I don’t need the code of conduct provided by it….akin to Mormon teachings, or Scientology, Muslim lore, etc.

Well if you would ever like to talk about this, PM me. I frankly feel I am farther along than you right now….about 4-5 years ahead.


I really don’t understand this perspective of Cheryl. She as pure and kind as anybody I know. She never gets mad. She always kind and sweet, yet she says she needs God’s grace still. Well I just asked her these questions:

Cheryl, please explain why you think you a sinner. You don’t break any commandments…right? What could you do so wrong as to need grace? I don’t feel that I am a bad guy since birth….all because of what Adam did thousands of years ago. Why would God be mad with me for what he did. I wouldn’t do this to my own kids, you? So why would the all good and loving God, you know, making women have pain during childbirth, death and suffering being introduced to the world, wars, hell, etc….just for tasting a fruit of the tree of right and wrong. Besides, how would Adam know what is right and wrong before he actually ate the fruit. I know these hard, but at least think about them.

I’ll report responses from her, unless she bows out.


Yes, but often grace is not fair. Consider Hitler. The guy kills 60 million in WWII. Then he accepts Jesus as savior. Boom he forgiven. But what about justice for the 60 million who suffered. It’s like somebody owing you a million dollars. You go to the judge. The guy says, I’m sorry” to the judge. The judge says he must pay you back nothing, or maybe a dollar. Is that fair to you? Grace is a means to be beholdened to God for forgiveness….thus stay part of the church, and pay up every week. It frankly isn’t fair, in my little book of wisdom. Think about it.
I am frankly amazed how people will proclaim spiritual blessings, and concepts….usually by posting signs they “share” yet never read the Bible itself. Everybody little Popes. here on Facebook. But if a Muslim or Buddhist did they same, they merely dismiss it.



The old questions yet again

I’d like to know how Jesus dying saved me. Please explain, I’d really liuke to know. Why would God sacrifice himself to himself to save me. Why not just cut bthis satan crap, forgive everybody, and everyone live happy ever after. Why the Hollywood script with suffering and stife. And why would God let this all happen when he knows ahead of time what will happen? I’m thinking all this is man-made script to keep us vwith hope, and in line, paying the pastors every week to “guide us”. Now please don’t think I’m trying to hurt anybody here, I just want some answers to these questions that don’t add up to me. I am not an atheist.

Jesus BS, to me

I'm on god's team   not

Not me. I wasn’t born a piece of crap like parents teach….as they were taught themselves via a church person…actually invented by Saint Augustine, it’s not in the Bible I don’t think.. I use my brain first, and if no proof given I search more, then if still none, I throw it away. This original sin concept above makes a person always needing to be “saved”….with the help of the church of course, and paying a pastor/ priest/ mullah to support. That’s what the church has become to me, a place to give a phony a pay check. I’d change in a second if the slightest sliver of proof can be given. But no, everybody just shrugs it off. I’m not trying to change anybody here….I know that is next to impossible, I’m just stating my feelings, like everybody constantly does on computer boards. Please explain what grace is while we are here. Grace seems like unjust forgiveness to me. For example, Hitler. Is it fair to the 60 million people who died during World War II, by just forgiving him? If somebody knocks your teeth out, is it fair for the judge to just let him go? What really bothers me these days is parents teaching kids they born bad….just because Adam ate a piece of fruit thousands of years ago. So God lets killing and evil to enter the world. So now animals must kill others to eat and live, wew have wqars, women suffer during birth, babies die of starvation, etc. I’m not criticising anybody here, just asking people to at leat contemplate a little. Aren’t you a better parent than God is to us? Would you have your son (who actually is you, you know) die because some schlub down the street robbed a store. Tell me exactly what good that would do. Hey, God is supposed to know everything ahead of time anyway. Why put Adam and Eve, and consequently us, through all this suffering and fighting when he knew Adam would fall anyway? I asking again, does any of this religion stuff make a lick of sense? This might be a shock to hear the first time, but let it percolate in your brains. I’m thinking all this Christian stuff is man made, and the real God a much better one than we say he is. Thus, this post not anti-GOD.



Do what is right…period, no matter where you are

God can restore, but you must also do much yourself…in his name, it’s up to you, but do what is right, kind, considerate. Follow the Golden Rule and never look back….I say. I never do things in God’s name anymore. I have learned enough to give credit to my mother for my morals, and conscience….and to my culture. If we were in Arabia, would we give credit to Allah, or in India, to Krishna, right? Who is more apt to see a vision of Mary, a person here in America, or a person in China? Just always do what you know is right, and things will turn out. Love will work every time, whether in New York or New Guinea.

Afterlife scare doesn’t bother me at all

Adam corolla

Yes, Adam, people would rather check their brains at the church door instead of just dying, and going back to how they were before born. Hey, I don’t remember that as being bad. Besides who wants to go to heaven to praise God continually for eternity…and don’t forget, trillions of years are just the first days of eternity. I’d rather just nonexist personally.

Just Do it

Smiling baby

Yes, how can ANYBODY with a beating heart, not think abortion wrong….at any stage, what’s the hell is the difference?…after seeing a helpless baby smiling like this…the trust, dependence, happiness, etc. Makes no sense to me. We must all join our local Pro-life movements, and do something. I have done so for only two years of my dumb life, and have yet to see anybody stand against us. The public is getting it finally. Get off your butts, and just go to a demonstration, and be part of something great. But don’t expect to see your pastors or priests along with you….attendance might be affected for them. Just do it.

The Ten Commandments

Ten commandments

I bet only 1 in a 100 know there actually are 613 Commandments, and that Moses just used them to control the over 1 million Israelites he led out of Egypt (which is doubtful, BTW). Tell me they didn’t know not to rob, kill, commit adultery before the commandments written…..they lived in Egypt for over 400 years you know…no laws?. And tell me why Aaron, Moses brother, killed over 3000 Israelites after they had built an icon to another God? The purpose was to gain control over the masses….as this issue today is….pure control. Besides Hammurabi’s Code existed long before the Commandments. Civil Law actually much more valuable than these “laws”. Tell me one more thing, how many of you follow the Sabbath….penalty for not doing so is death you know. This has become a political football invented by phonies…to be succinct, and honest. How about putting up the Laws of the Mormons? No? Why not? Or the Muslims? Why not. We are a secular country which honors all religions….plain and simple. You just can’t favor one over another just because it is yours….period.

Also notice how the Jews of the world certainly haven’t benefited more than others because of these simple laws. This statement underneath that somebody wishes these were existent in every city in the world shows complete ignorance, but excuse me for pointing it out, I am not trying to be mean here, just thoughtful.. Every country in existence has better laws than these.