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I am the way

People were writing Amen, so I replied the below.

No way…this written by St John, 70 years after Jesus died. His way of expressing Jesus’s words and every other person he wrote about we all stilted in same manner. No way anybody said what he wrote….so many years later. Go ahead, research this….but not in religion texts…..which are apologetic….look in real scholars works like Bart Ehrman….see Amazon. Jesus actually was considered the Messiah, which means the anounted king of Israel. This God srtuff was invented years later by Paul and others who wanted to control groups of persons….like Mohammad, Joseph Smith did with their groups. I know this will challenge you, but go, look it up. BTEW, you you believe that Noah built a huge ark….hmm that’s a lot of animals to cram in….what to eat, what to do with poop, there’s over a million species on earth you know. The Bible says Noah went and named them all….hmm, that must have taken a lonf time. Plus to fill the eareth with water up to cover all the mountains would take 5 times as much water as in the workld today….hmm, so where did it come from…or go. In reality this was a Sumerian legend adopted by the Israelites. It’s all BS, but parents tell their kids it’s true, like Santa. They later tell the kids that Santa is fake, but neglect to say the same about Bible stories….because their parents did the same to them. Another thing….it wasn’t unusual to declare someone a God in those days. Remember about Caesar being considered that way….as was Jesus.

  • Interesting John, you were brave to write that.

  • John Ecker Yes, brave, Ken. People will say you have a demon to say this. But I have studied this stuff for four years….EVERYDAY NOW….and this is the truth. People living a delusion. My wife mad that I say this, so you right, I am brave. I am just a guy who can’t stand BS….sorry but I just can’t. People actually don’t know the details of their own religions….and there are over 20,000 different variants of Protestantism….each swearing it is the ONLY way to heaven. Come on. Also people think you must have religion to be moral. Not at all. I’m as good a person as anybody here, if there is a God, he must be proud I am using my mind. I DON”T have a demon. Back 35 years ago, I had constant headaches, My girlfriend’s pastor said I must have a demon. He schedules a “deliverance”. Wow, I was excited at this. But when i went there were several church members lounging around on the floor. They began to say things like, “Demon, come out of John”. This went on for a long, long time, with them moving around the room to get comfortable. Well finally I got tired and yawned. Wow, that was it. They declared the demon had come out. Oh, shit. I still had the same headache….it was my neck out. The demon slayer chiropractor got the demon out. Come on!!!!

  •  well if you dont accept jesus as your lord and savior and have a personal relation ship with him.you can forget the pearly gates…your going down

  • Kenneth Edward Rupple “judge not less you be judged”

  • John Ecker Sure, Ken Sears, please give me a scintilla of evidence. Go ahead just a scintilla. I don’t believe you so prove it. You know you can’t.

  • John Ecker Right, Kenneth, who is this guy to tell me or anybody I’m going to burn for trillions of years for having doubts. What kind of God forces you to believe in him by threatening hell.

  • Ken Sears Matthew 7:21 that we must do the will of the Father to enter heaven, ….whats the other choice

  • John Ecker Why what, Donna….provide evidence. If somebody is condemning you to an eternity of fire, you want to know how he knows. Fact is, there ain’t no evidense. If you a Hindu, you believe somthing else, if a Buddhist something else. Catholics believe the host duibf communion is the sactusal body of Chrit, the wine, his real blood. Hmm. Protestants counter by saying thus is BS….that to do this every week is lijke cruc=ifying Jesus agaiun and again. I know you like the truth….well if you study like I have….four year EVERY DAY….you would see I am right. The question is, “why do I need to tell it to everyone> Well, it may be because I just can’t take lies. Did you kknow that homosexuality is punishable by stoning in the old testament. Now and apologist would jump hewre to say, “Well mJesus formed a new covernant wit us. Hmm, maybe, but he also developed the concept of hell. No hell befire the New testament. He also said that not a letter of the old law would chan=ge….that he had come to fulfill it.. not do away with it….so the old stoning law for homosexuals must still apply. If we wrent on a 2 year tripo, it would take that long to tell you all the w=questions I have collected. Fanny mad at this, but I’m tired of lies….especially taught to chikldren to scare them. Hmm, now an apologist would saty, “hmm., my kids not that way.” Yes, but the church preaches you born with originak sin and de=srve nothing. Excepot of course follwingf the purveyers to church to get “saved” I always ask,” Saved from what?” What did I do so wrong?” Actually no=thing. It was Adam thousands of years agio that makes us pay the price now. Hmm, would you do this to yiour kids? Heck no, yet peopkle never realiuze anything like this about their religion. Please take my questions cabove to your pastor or pri3est and adsjk hium to tell myouy the answers. You will get, NOTHING exept, ‘Stay awy from thius =vguy ior stuff. So that is why, dear Donna. I don’t like lies..

  • John Ecker ken,Sears, you using circular reasoning…using your Bible as proof of itself….not allowed. Use the book of Zeus instead.

  • Ken Sears wake me up one your done with your repetative babaling……good night

  • Ken Sears the bible is used alot by many…you are welcome to do as you choose….i dont cast you to anywhere for that….its your opinion on what you read and your entitled to that…..have a nice nite

  • Gail Harris Zurenda Well said Ken. I told you before John if you don’t like what I post on my page then unfollow it.

  • Ken Sears so that our sin may be forgiven….those words may ring a bell….but really i got to go nite nite…..i dont dislike your words i just think differently ……two thing are certain…every one whose lives…dies…..everyone who dies stays dead!!!!!!! good nite all!!!

  • Gail Harris Zurenda Good night Ken. Sleep well.

  • john ecker

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Jan 23 stuff

The Bible is basically a bunch of primitive stories put together by apologists who wanted to control people. Jesus was a gifted but diluted peasant preacher who said all the people of the time would be living when the kingdom of God returned. Of course he was going to be anointed king of the newly freed Israel…..that’s what the messiah was you know, not GOD, just the returned king of Israel. Hmm, what happened,. He died (to himself, since he was God, right?…yeah, that really made sense, right?). Then he get’s summarily treated like a criminal and summarily crucified. How was that part of a plan to take the burdens of the world on himself? His own disciples ran like stuck pigs. Hmm, why, if they thought him God did they not stick there with him. Wow, that makes real sense, right? So, now you got a bunch of frustrated people wondering just what happened to their hero. Then a completely diluted ancient Jimmy Swaggart comes along and says he had a vision….hmm, sounds like Joseph Smith, right? He explains, that Jesus actually was God.  Sure. But just like with  Abraham, Moses, Joseph Smith, Taz Russel, Mary Baker Eddy, L Ron Hubbard, Mohammed, etc. if you stick with something that people need….a replacement for what we call Sanyta Claus today, people will slowly follow. Then after three hundred years of debate a guy named Constantine is facing a breakdown of his empire. Like Mohammad, he figures to unite every body under one religion, like Moses, and he gets all the bishops together to hash out doctrine….see the Apostle’s Creed. Then he says Christianity was the official religion of the empire.

I think you get the idea.

Now refute everything, guys. Tell me where I am wrong.

This thought from Marianne

Oh, I love it when people are the sole survivor of a deadly crash, and say, “God spared me.” Why would God spare an arrogant jerk?

Questions to answer please

Questions that have been bothering me for awhile.

1. How many of you believed in Santa Claus as a child? Where did you get these feelings? When did you finally stop? Was it just your reasoning power or someone else that made you KNOW he was just a fabrication to keep you in line….by you being good for a reward at Christmas? What makes you know there is no Santa Claus?

2. Now substitute Jesus for Santa.

Hmm. I’ve been wondering these questions about myself for awhile now.

Where am I going wrong to wonder this stuff.

Now think about your feelings about Jesus.

Continuation of Connie stuff

  • Connie:John, I will not get into this with you. I am a very happy person who has been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. You nor anyone else will bring me down. I hope you can say the same. You don’t sound it, my friend.
  • John Ecker Okay, Connie. Why do you think I am trying to bring you down? Hmm. You an apologist….simple as that. What I said is truue, but as an apologist you must ignore it and take it as a put down. But, I’m glad you “artificially” happy. I’m doing just as welSee More
  • John Ecker Oh, Connie, please supply the smallest tidbit of evidence for anything your faith believes in. Also same thing for Santa Claus. Go ahead, this is your chance…..and ANYBODY else here.
  • John Ecker Please tell me anybody in the world. Can a person not ask a professed Christian legitimate questions and have them defend their answers? Ones such as: 1. Is the earth 6000 years old like Bible says….if so where are dinosaurs in the equation? 2. Are women unclean during their time of the month, and untouchable…or should women say not a word in church, or be able to teach men? 3. Is leprosy a curse of God, or caused by germs, 4. Was Jesus born of a virgin, and is he God…when only in book of John does he declare such, and John written 60 years after Jesus died. Ancient Hebrew word, almah, means young girl, not virgin, btw. It translated incorrectly to mean virgin in our Bible, etc, etc. I asked my wife these questions and she answered all in a real way….but none of them corresponded to Christian line. So tell me folks, what is Connie afraid of? What have I done wrong in asking simple questions. She skated out by accusing me of wanting to put her down. NOT SO. She a fine gal….who has been bamboozled. Saying she happy and blessed is a typical Christian way of dismissing a person. Being happy and blessed does nothing to answering the simple questions…or to prove the existence of God.. Anybody else want to answer them?

You know very little about your own religion, Connie. Have you ever read the Bible? Not rreally….just the standard stuff the pastors quote. I dare you to read Genesis completely. Do you think the earth only 6000 years old. Hmm, so where were the dinosaurs? Do you feel Joshua should go in a kill every animal, womean, child, and man in Jericho? Was there not any good kids, wpomen or men in Sodoom? Was leprosy a curse from God, or was it germs. Are women unclean during certain times of the month, and they cannot be touched? Tell me about Noah with his ark and animals. Hmm, there are over 2 million specires of animals. I guess he loaded all these, and fed them. And Jonah lived in a fish for three days, right? Jesus said the generation he lived in would see the kingdom of God….hmm, what happened? Jesus born of a virgin, right. The real herbgreww word is Almah, which means young girl, not virgin, but mistranslted back then. Hmm, the Jews were waiting for their messiah for hundreds of years. Why not recognize Jesus as such? Hey, you have never considered any of these things, but spout your religion. Want more of this stuff. I have studied it, and have hundreds of such. Go ahead, read the Bible. You won’t because you an apologist….like most people. You want to belive this BS. Juyst give me the slightest….the smallest, proof of existance of Jesus as God. Hey can’t use the Bible to prove itself you know. If so, why aren’t ancient writings concerning Zeus correct? Go ahead, just read the Bible.

 I said I didn’t belive in Jesus….plus below:

Yes, I believe in God because simply something created everything. God a good name for. Jesus, I think he was a wise preacher, but God no. After all, there were many so-called famous leaders born of virgins….like Alexander the Great, and Genghis Khan, and we don’t think they gods now. Plus, the word almah….which is ancient Hebrew for young girl….was mistranslated as virgin in the Christian version of the Bible….but not by the Jews themselves. Jesus no God to Jews. Plus Jesus arising from the dead was not an uncommon belief in those days either. Look, we are talking about people whgo thought the world was flat, and that women were untouchable and unclean during their periods…plus hundreds of other things I could quote….like the fact leprosy was due to God’s curse….instead of germs. So in my book, I just pray to God, and leave Jesus to those who need to believe in him. It’s a nice story, but not needed. God good enough….for me anyway. Hey, don’t tell my wife I said this.

About Ricky Gervais

Donna had backed him up because he supports animal rights so I responded:

But, Donna, wouldn’t you consider him a bad guy? He going to hell for not believing in Jesus as his Lord and savior. And I guess you know Hitler loved dogs. I don’t see his picture here. He went to hell you know. What I am doing here is not attacking you, Lee, but the inconsistency of people. They like people according to the situation, not the person himself. But this has nothing to do with religion like most people will try to foist on you.

More Religious thoughts

In realty, atheists are seekers. If God was proven to be true, they would jump with joy….as would I. This gripe that nonbeliever don’t want to believe in God is a religious play to discredit them out of hand….they the bad guys automatically.

Religious thoughts for today Dec 29 2014

It has talking animals, genocide, offering of daughters to homosexual crowds, killing of a woman just for looking back, stoning of men for picking up sticks on the Sabbath, stoning for cutting your beard incorrectly, kids being killed by bears for making fun of a prophet, etc. etc (Want hundreds more?…I have got them…I have ACTUALLY READ THIS CREEPY BOOK….YOU? admit it, you have only read the handpicked stuff of the guys being financially supported by all this, the priests, and ministers)

Here is response from Donna Cafora

John, I believe lots of people go though what you are. This is why Jennifer said she doesn’t believe. “Too many holes” was her response to me. 

 My response to her: 

Yes, completely full of holes. There might be 5 different statements about something in the Bible….some in direct opposition to one another, yet people will associate the thing their belief….the one they want to have backed up with the one that corresponds with the Bible….AND IGNORE AS IF THEY NEVER EXISTED, the others. I mean just blow them away. BUT, FIRST A PERSON MUST READ THE BIBLE before he can judge this crap.. This next to nobody will or can do. The language is messed up nobody can make it past a page….except for the handpicked parts cherry picked by priests, ministers, and other phonies. Funny does this every day with her little book, Our Daily Bread. This little series of book take the same stuff over and over and cycle it through people’s minds….brainwashing them. They will say something and back it up with scripture, then have you skip 612 pages and quote another scripture that seems to go with it. This is really a joke. Fact is that people just want something to give their lives direction and meaning., Jennifer is right on this one….especially as a woman….half the population which is depicted as second class in Bible. During their period, they considered unclean and can’t be touched. What kind of BS is that, and that they can’t say word in church. All BS. I used to ascribe to all this as you and all friends well know, but can’t now. But agree with me, and lose many friends. But I have some sticking with me. But I know I can never change any minds….just can’t be done by somebody else. PEOPLE MUST READ THE BIBLE….period….in its entirety. Oh can’t do that, right? I wasn’t like this upon coming here, but after having to defend myself on the Baylor board, I started to see that born again Christians are uninformed, mean, and just stupid. I have never had a single one answer my simplest question with anything but dogma and doctrine….just as a Buddhist would give me their doctrine too. That wouldn’t be right….correct? Hmm.