Act like Jesus

Yes, Waco, that’s how I judge a post written by a Christian….does it try to express the attitude of Jesus. These are hard to come by….even by people who profess with all their hearts to be so.

Oldbear has come a long way. This guy Jstins goes back and forth between an insult and then a decent response….but he coming along too.

Hey, please know such behavior is not my task….since I don’t profess to be a Christian, but instead a searcher…. but I surely can spot one….and respect him/her truly….since it is so rare to find, as well as commendable. Jesus the greatest teacher in our western society, and to be like him is something not to discredit.

Life after death

Yes, there is none….a good reason not to worry about dying. Before you were born you knew nothing, and after you die you know nothing….unlike what a priest or minister will tell you….to keep you in line, and coming to his church….that is, his paying job. Think about it.

OR, please give me the slightest bit….even smaller if possible….since the beginning of time, that heaven exists….or hell for that matter. Go ahead, Pastor, or Pope, or Imam, give us one bit of proof.

1. Ben please tell me why GOD got so mad at Adam and Eve for not obeying him BEFORE they had had been able to partake from knowledge of the tree of good and evil. The Bible says AFTER they were punished, they then learned good and evil. Just seems a true father would not punish them so severely, and also everybody since for such an act from newly created persons. I don’t get it…if the Bible is the word of God.

BTW, this is only the first of hundreds of questions I have, maybe thousands. Can you stay with it. I bet not, but if you feel legitimetely this stuff is all true, you should not flinch.


Thanks for trying to answer this question. It bothering me for a long time. I know that as a father, I would never punish my own kids, nor their kids and everybody after for making a mistake….especially when they so young and lacked any experience. I’m thinking this all made up….or exaggerated.

I don’t see why a person couldn’t have a Bible study made up of answering such questions. Such is much better than just listening to somebody pumping out what paid church leaders are saying is true.



Yes, even the smallest would help me with this doubt….go ahead, just a shred of evidence.

Some religious questions!!!

He’s still seated on His throne. God bless Israel


He’s still seated on His throne. God bless Israel

Here are my comments to above post on Facebook. Will provide answers later:

But what about the millions God callously killed in the Old Testament. Have you ever read this book? The vast, vast majority of people haven’t, or just the parts their priests or pastors use….but to read the whole thing is to show God in a bad light. I don’t like this, and I doubt God would be mad for me saying it. For example right before the pharaoh made a decision concerning Moses plea to let his people go, it says God hardened his heart, not to comply. Why is this?

Then there was this one:


This is what I asked:

I’m wondering why God punished me for something Adam and Eve did thousands of years ago—before they had knowledge of what was right and wrong. Please explain simply, complicated, or any other way.


A letter to believers in UFO’s and conspiracies


That I don’t respect what you profess. I am a complete skeptic and am continually examining myself for being naive.

Your world perception is negative so anything that verifies such, you will be attentive to, and attracted to. Thus conspirators have got your attention. Problem is they have to continually supply more data to keep their followers engaged. As an example from medicine, Dr. Oz started out giving good advice concerning losing weight. Then Ophra picked him up for a show. Now the guy must come up with more incredible health cures EVERY DAY. His stuff is spectacular and interesting, but not well researched and verifiable. I mean this guy day after day has an incredible product to endorse. HYe is losing credibility to me….being I am a skeptic, like you.

I have had you pump your predictions to me for years, and I frankly don’t know how many are true or false….and I bet you don’t either. The UFO and alien stuff is especially odious to me because I can clearly see it is false. The conspiracy stuff is a little more credible, but the devil is in the details….the stuff pumped out every day by Eick, and others, just too much stuff. That guy Art Bell was a real huckster, like mqany peiople you have found yourself, E.G. that dame who took over the Eurika Springs meeting. Come on, Clack, just like with religion, these people just want followers….like you do.

Hey, you taught me to be this way, and I am just applying what you preach…l.and I believe you really stand for.

BTW, I am waiting for your account of the UFO sighting. Doesn’t matter to me what your girlfriend says. I think you both saw something natural, and now would swear it was extraterrestrial. Funny to me how nothing has ever been deemed real by sany real scientist that is accepted by peers….and something that would reward the person with a Nobel Prize.

So, please don’t take any of this as personal criticism. MAYBE YOU ARE CORRECT….but I am skeptical…very skeptical.

Your pal, and always your friend. (hell who else will tell you this)

Some random thoughts about atheists

I don’t condemn anybody for their religion, nor say one has to believe like I do. I forgive everyone, and try to help….yet I am not a Christian per se, but neither an atheist. I’m just a guy who doesn’t swallow that Jesus was born of a virgin or that he was God. I doubt there is a heaven or hell….and there are people who would kill me for that. I really doubt anything would change….except the story line….if a tomb was found tomorrow with Jesus’s bones in it….showing he didn’t arise from the dead. Good people would stay good, and the bad would still be bad. This thing about morality coming from God is pure B.S… me.

There are those who believe like I do, as there are Christians, Buddhists, Shintos, Mormons, etc.

Actually how many of you believe in Quetzalcoatl, or the Hindu Gods. I don’t, nor do you….so we are all atheists to Gods not in our own religion.

So an atheist is not bad if he doesn’t hurt anybody, same as a Christian.  Just some random thoughts for what they are worth.

More on gay marriage

It’s just logic needed, Sam. Everyone must know that homosexuals do no harm to anybody, except in our own minds. Why the meanness towards them because of what Paul, not Jesus, believed to be correct 2000 years ago? I know some are effeminate, and open to ridicule because of being more prissy than women, but others aren’t that way. Leave these people alone….they don’t bother us, and deserve to have equal rights, just as interracial marriage people and anyone else do. I know I keep repeating myself, but so are others here doing such….usually Paul’s stuff.

I just wrote the below to Gabriel Swaggart, the fake, phony, fraud preacher son of Donnie Swaggart:

Gab, you a nice guy, with a nice wife and family, but otherwise you are a lying SOB with the scary message you lay on these nice and impressionable kids. You would have made a good football coach with the fake message of redemption, and triumph….only if they listen to what you direct them to do. Tell me, what did these kids do so as for them to deserve to cry, and feel so bad? I know, it’s the fake, phony, fraud concept of original sin….the thing they have received grace for. What a crook of dog doodoo. Leave the kids alone, you phony, fake fraud….though I am not really sure you have swallowed all this from your father and grandfather. Hey, if anybody reads this, copy it quick because I will be banned from your reason soon.


I noticed that when I pressed “post” the whole message just disappeared. Hmm, wonder why?

Admonishment to Christians about homosexuality

I admonish Christians not to rake a hard stance on homosexuality. The church is going to be forced to accept the practice as okay, and not sinful. Anti-gay laws falling like flies….just like anti-black laws did in 50-60′s. Who would defend such laws now….certainly not the church. Same thing is happening now with gays. There is no stopping this. For the church to survive as it is in strength now will necessitate it to change its stance….then you defenders of the old bronze age laws of the Bible in this area will have to eat crow….sorry for the reference. Tell me, if you were born homosexual, how would you feel? If your daughter is a lesbian, what will you do….cast her into hell? I think not, so don’t do this with others.