Being atheist isn’t what makes the difference. Christians will do things because they afraid to go to helll, not because they are just good. Being a good person is what is important. What is better, an atheist who is a good person, or a religious type who is bad?


Religion is just a way to form a group of like-minded persons. Groups however lend themselves to violence or at least hatred towards other groups. Some people become radicals and will do almost anything in its name. It’s actually like sports fans. Look at Muslims now, or Catholics when the Reformation began, or during the Crusades. I stay away from groups.

Note to Sam about the phenomenon of religion

I printed it out and began reading it, Sam, but it seemed too philosophical to me.  I’ll read it again.

But, I’m more a history and logic guy. For example, I thought of this this morning while drinking coffee.

Concerning Paul, and other founders or collaborators in such: Don’t you see that such men arise when the zeitgeist of the people allow for them to move in and take advantage of the situation. For example, Paul during Roman times with its unrest and violence by Jews towards the Romans and high Roman taxes supressing them; Jesus in the same era, Mohamed with the Arabian tribes worshiping 360 different Gods, and warring against one another, he united them under one God; Joseph Smaith, a guy living in times when an excess of itinerate preachers trying to win converts, he comes up with a new one; Ellen G White, supplying hope after the Great Disappointment of Miller’s endtimes prediction falling through; L.Ron Hubbard, supplying hope, and a code of conduct and hope for post WWii people, David Koresh, simple providing a Christ figure for people near Waco, etc. All appealed to people’s doubts and needs to believe in something hopeful…aren’t you exactly like this, Sam? Haven’t you needed this, and reacted to it? All the people aforementioned  provided such, and people respond to it They provide a nice code of conduct, and discipline, and make people feel centered. Many, like you, feel a God involved, but the majority never even think about such, they just go along like a herd. 

Well that my latest thoughts. Of course you disagree, but let’s see why and how.

Just think a little

Just use a little logic in assessing this whole religion issue….for once. I’m not saying there is no Supreme Being, just that the religion stuff expressed and professed here, with it’s faith in what seems like a maniacal, vengeful creature you men call God, frankly doesn’t add up to me. Don’t you guys see how falsely pious you are, with you cherry picking of non-verifiable palaver from the Bible. This is really becoming comical to me now, with you adult men insisting in having reverence for a book that contains my usual litany of ridiculous items for example, like talking snakes, bushes, donkeys, genocide, throwing babies against walls, putting spittle in a person’s eyes to heal them, virgin birth, resurrection, etc. This book written by bronze age sheep herders. I know a nice doctrine to guide your lives has evolved (like with the Mormons), but why hasn’t such spread to only 1/4th of the world….what, 4/5’s going to hell, summarily? I’m actually beginning to think, logic is beyond you. I’m not threatening you with damnation, just freedom to think of yourself as good guys in yourselves. You are!!!

Benny Hinn, the fake. phony, fraud

Hinn the fake

Kristina Phillippe Benny Hinn is a joke.

John Ecker This guy the ultimate fake, phony, fraud in the country, or world. The SOB, POS spents thousands a night to stay in luxory hotels. This guy a pig of humongous proportions. But the pathetic ones are those who believe in him.

Vincent Fuentes He’s a joke

John Ecker But watch sometime the people as they believe in him…incredible, and how his assemblies always full. This guy lives in a huge house….hmm, Jesus said this eliminates him from heaven. I guess he will wait to last minute for forgiveness, then go to the golden streets. Oh that would be so fair…. just say,’ I believe in Jesus”, and get off the hook. That is what grace is you know, unfair justice. Tell me, what about justice for the people he bilked or the ones who died thinking they had been cured?

Homosexuals should have equal rights

Homosexuals persecuted

I am revolted by homosexual acts, but surely don’t believe they can’t love one another, and have equal rights under the law. This isn’t a choice people make, it just the way they born, like being a black, or a man, or being a dog or lion. This use of heaven or hell to control and reinforce people’s prejudices is a bunch of bunk. Just leave these people alone….one might even be your son….gee, I wonder whose fault that would be?

Starving kid

Yes, there are millions of millions of kids starving to death, and we argue about Starbuck’s cups. Let’s empty our grain stores….surplus grain the government buys from farmers to keep prices stable…. and give it to starving kids. I must say that it is usually right-wingers who are interested so much in little things like Starbuck’s. It’s quite revoting to see this…since I am one too….but with a soft heart. I don’t care about spoiling the parents….help the kids!!! This kid above is helpless and dependent. Don’t let him starve.

Facebook leads to formation of Radicals

Pres lincoln

Yes, how can any kind of slavery not be bad?This picture shows a person just how perverted people are with signs. A person has a prejudice, he seems something close to how he feels, then without even thinking about it, shares it with everybody. Those in agreement or close, love it, and pass it on. Boom everybody becomes more radical….and more susceptible to the next more radical sign. Phew, I have seen that so much here. Politicians just eat this stuff up. That is my biggest gripe with this rag we call Facebook. So thanks for this sign, Mike….it made me express this. Shit, I got to get off this board, like I used to do.

It’s all religion to me

Stoning women, cutting hands off, raping them, denying then inheritance rights, etc….this all in the Old Testament, and preventing them from saying a peep in church, New testament. But this BS in Muslim lands needs to end too. It’s all religion to me. Take your pick as to which one at any time.

Why leave anybody out against abortion?

Jesus against abortion

But a person can actually be a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Shinto, a follower of Confucius, or an Australian Bushman, and not believe abortion right. Jesus never mentioned abortion, nor homosexuality, you know. I don’t know why we only mention Jesus all the time. We need everybody in our movement. Why make 4/5’s of the world left out in our great cause?