Abortion with Claire

      • John Ecker I agree with everything Reason crowd says, but can’t abide with the unmitigated adherence to pro-abortion mentality. Hey, how many of you would be here if your mother belived like you….probably only half. Great.


        • Claire Todd Oh, John, you are confused. There is NO “pro” abortion crowd at all. There are people who are pro-CHOICE. That is completely different. It is sad you are not able to distinguish between the two, because then you make mistakes like this. You have read that the abortion rate has fallen year after year after year here in the US, haven’t you? As more women use birth control of one kind or another there is less and less need for abortion because of unplanned pregnancies.
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        • John Ecker No, Claire, but thanks for writing. How can anybody be for choice concerning the termination of a life….do you agree a person might do this? Hey, how about giving people the legal choice to kill you when you get old? This abortion stuff always hapSee More
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          Lauren Swann If by some strange twist of biology men could suddenly become pregnant, not only would abortion be legal with no controversy but you could probably get one done on your lunch break. I have yet to run across one single man who would ever allow *anyone*to tell him what he can and cannot do with his body when it comes to the possibility of a permanently life-changing decision. Without question, abortion is and always has been a sexist control issue that many men men are clueless about
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        • John Ecker Has absolutely NOTHING to do with being a man, just like killing somebody has nothing to do with gender. This is typical tack….it’s because I can’t be pregnant. Pregnancy is not a sickness, Lauren, but maybe it is for you, I don’t know, but morality not a matter of gender or religion….right is right.
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          Meg Harris It has everything to do with being a man. And you are confusing a fetus with a person. I am a mother of four now grown children and I have also terminated a pregnancy. Your personal beliefs regarding the “rightness” of that choice stop at my body. I did what was right for my living, breathing children at the time. I belief in the sanctity of their lives. My choice. No regrets. And my ethics and morals are quite intact, thank you. Save your judgment for the guy in the mirror.
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          John Ecker Yeah, but are you sure you did right, Meg? I don’t think so. And morality never has to do with gender. Look, you committed an abortion, of course you feel you right….but for the child aborted, how can you be sure of that. Maybe a great scientist, or President, athlete, doctor….nobody will ever know. You think there were no geniuses in the over 50 million children aborted since you have the right to decide in 1972. Over 98% of abortions are done for convenience….pure convenience, not a tragic situation. Say what you want now, but I have talked to many, many women who have said similar things in past, but someday realize things just weren’t right….including a woman in Waco, Tx who kept it secret for 34 years!!!! And look, the exception shouldn’t prove the rule. There are very, very few tragic situations so don’t base a law for everybody on the exception. BTW, a fetus is nothing more than a certain stage of the development of a child, just like adolescence.</p> <p>And here is something from my wife: “Meg, when you were pregnant with your four kids did you say you were having a child, or a fetus?” How come they children? Because they are!!!!”</p> <p>Oh, just thought of this. You say this has everything to do with being a man, well my wife says the exact same things as me. She in fact influenced me much in this debate. Oh, now it’s okay because she is a woman? Come on.

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Sure just have faith

But faith to me now just doesn’t cut it….but it did in the past so I remember it….at least. But what exactly is it? Just believing what you know isn’t true? Was there an ark, did Jonah spend three days insides a whale. Why? Was leprosy a curse from God, or just a bacterial infection. Was there a firmament full of water above us like they thought in OT? Are women secondary to men. Is there going to be a rapture….is slavery okay, why did Joshua kill every living thing in almost every town he conquered in Canaan, men, women, children, animals (this called genocide now), why did David tell his men to kill everybody in a conquered town, yet keep only the virgins for themselves? etc. I’d bet nobody reading this has read the Bible like I have. Therefore you will say, “Have faith”. In what? Yeah, just over look all my questions. Have faith. I just live by the Golden Rule….something that came before this myth about a guy born of a virgin, and resurrected to save me from my sins.  How and why would a God want to die to himself Nothing makes a lick of sense except, “Stop thinking about it, and trust me. Have faith.” Funny, things have to have at least a semblance of sense to me. Is that wrong. Where would we be if people just went by the Bible. Tell me that one, but ONLY after you have read this book. Another thing, …who is tempted to defriend me now? Great friend, heh?

Elizabeth Warren the next symbolic female for Dems

 Thanks, Emily, and Donna. I’m so glad that women are seeing this feminazi ploy. These gals will not represent any of traditional values. They outright revolting. Debbie Wasserman Schlutz another example….a lying POS, SOB from the word go who has been caught so many times, yet is still the leader of the dem something or other. Who the hell do the dems pick as leaders? I don’t get it. Doesn’t anybody in that decrepit party blush anymore? The country in sad shape because they financially owe this party so much that they go along with anything they say. This is what happens in last stage, Donna. Has happened many times before….always has happened every time before….can;t stop it.

The Holy Land

Here is what I wrote on Facebook after somebody wrote their support for Israel where it is today:

 I personally feel we made a mistake giving them this land after WWII….since Arabs there already. It was like putting cats and dogs together. Would have been better giving Jews prime land in Germany of same size. This would have been much easier to settle, fairer after what the Germans did to Jews, and all this BS strife we have now would have been avoided. This conflict is NEVER going to end….never. The guilt after WWII was just so strong that this error seemed okay. This thing about the land belonging to Jews after 2000 years away was an impracticable, and foolish. Tell me after what has happened with no end in sight that I am wrong.

The Holy Ghost and music

Yeah, watch the pitiful ignoramuses on Jimmy Swaggart every day. Incredible the way he manipulated them the same way day after day. Yesterday Donnie Swaggart used music to show the effect of the Holy Spirit. The music was emotionally rendering….like in a movie….and this guy said it was the Holy Spirit. This guy needs to go to a football game or rally, and see the same thing….just a different God.

Yeah, I tell my wife about this, and she doesn’t even listen. She loves her church with her friends. This is the way most people are….they close their eyes to the truth, and just continue with the faith. Faith in what is what I ask….in a fake book with atrocities to women, beasts, and kids, etc. Come on….give it up.. But never…. since people need a father figure as adults who takes the  place of their parents role of past….protector, comforter, champion, etc.

Cpomments on Debbie Wasserman Schlutz

This poor excuse for a politician has been caught lying and stretching the truth so many times, I can’t believe she still there in her position….but then ability to lie must be part of the job description. She being groomed for Pelosi position someday. A real piece of dog shit.

What I can’t take

The Jesus thing is what I have problems with. I just can’t swallow all this stuff about God sacrificing him to save our sins. Doesn’t make any sense, and is something Paul made up to get converts. The whole thing about Mary being a virgin (something quite common for Gods in those days, but we aren’t told about them), then her being born perfect (Immaculate Conception) , plus Jesus raising from the dead….ALL this just too fantastic for me. I do believe in God only because something had to make all this.

More thoughts on religion

Concerning the pain Jesus suffered for us….

Yeah Jesus had pain, right?  But compare this to the pain that billions of women have endured over the millenniums, or the millions of Jews….God’s chosen people….during the Holocaust. Not even in the same league. Yeah, I bet this guy Dr. Bonica in hell right now.


More on poosting religiious plaques on facebook

Funny how people have the nerve to post plagues telling us of their faith, but you question it, and boom you defriended. Tell me, what’s the difference in posting anti-religion stuff….that means you have a demon, right?….so you not worthy of having an opinion. Tell me, where would we be if people just accepted the Bible as true, with its talking snakes, and donkeys? We surely know now that no great flood took place to kill everything….right, or that the earth was created in Oct 40004 B.C…..this making the earth 6000 years old. Do you believe Jonah was inside a whale for three days, or the Catholic doctrine that you are actually eating the real body and blood of Jesus at Communion….gee is it bloody? This all meant for kids, or at least their mentality, but adults just accept it. Oh, I have faith….in what, your own fantasy?