Madelin Murray O’Hair

If you listen to her, you see she right. Can’t have prayer in school because which religion going to be favored. we had prayer in school when I in 6th grade in Virginia. Then parents found out our teacher was a Jehovah Witness…..boom, it stopped posthaste. Yep, just what prayer is okay for all….here in America. Not having prayer in school hurts nobody. A minute of silence works, but prayer not needed.

A note to BJ Vassaneur

BJ, watched you for two years on Jimmy Swaggart telecasts. You were so beautiful of voice, and smile. Then I started to notice his Pentecostal message, and assume you spreading the same thing. First of all the assumption is that everybody born bad, and deserving of nothing….all this done to us by Adam eating an fruit BEFORE he had access to the tree of knowledge of right and wrong.  How can a loving God do this to his young children back then, and why to us all NOW. What kind of perverted morality is that? Would you do this to your children….then to all of theirs….with killing, robbing, child molestation released upon the world. Things just stopped making sense to me. Do you buy all this BS.? Please explain to me, and everybody.

More later, but not to her:

 I hate this original sin BS. I’d like to know why a loving God would place a tree there in the garden….the one that gives knowledge of right and wrong, then have a talking snake tempt Eve, who convinces Adam nothing wrong in eating fruit from this tree. So they eat, and death, robbery, torture, hunger, etc released onto the world…..all before Adam and Eve knew right from wrong. But God knew all this would happen, so he must love the drama we all living. Just don’t foregt, HE LOVES US!!!
Here we go again. English is our official language in that everybody in power must speak it. Is this part of your church agenda….just wondering….usually right wing stuff from there, as it was from my church in past. No more church for me. I quit Prolife movement here when I was asked to take place on anti-gay and anti-transgender demonstrations….hey, let’s s=tick to pro-life. Then I realized all these types were religious fanatics. God is pro-life you know, and so was Jesus….but he never mentioned it in Bible….a book written by ancient tribesmen in the desert….phew, what a great and efficient plan you had there, God. But this horrible book NEVER read by anybody, but quoted to justify almost anything, from Slavery, to women not talking in church. Did you know, Joyce a woman was not clean for twice as much time after giving birth to a girl instead of a boy. Of course you didn’t.

From February 23 , 2013

Evangelists really bug me. They have this numbers game going with each other concerning how many people they can “save”, but if you are a lifelong person who has trouble with faith, they will leave you like a leper. I had a friend from college days in New York who is a strict evangelist type. When I told her about my concerns about religion, she condemned my quest to figure things out, and I never have heard from her since. Seems like she would want to help an old friend avoid damnation….isn’t that what a good friend and CHRISTIAN would do? Yet she will travel to parts afar, to try to get strangers to accept Jesus. Numbers games, and the thrill of the “kill”…like a deer hunter. Yes, yes, they are not all like that, but too many are.

This maybe a repeat, but here it is

You can see by many posts here that the church is in real trouble. To me the real weak point in the Christian message is not so much a stand against homosexual marriage (this only affects a small number of people) but the insistence as a fundamental doctrine that a person must declare faith in Jesus Christ as their savior or be banished from heaven. You can be a Hitler, but if on your deathbed, you declare this, you are “saved”. But if you are a person in China or India, or Burma, of Japan, or billions of others in 1000’s of places, etc. and you serve people all your life, and don’t do this BOOM, you go to hell. Makes no difference if you were never exposed to Paul’s message (I believe Christian doctrine mainly created by Paul, more so than Jesus…he made it up as he went as he needed to address the problems of churches he had founded….this very much like Joseph Smith did with the Mormons, and Moses with the ancient Jews) that says the only way to salvation is through faith in Jesus. This makes God out to be unjust, unfair and downright mean in my eyes, and frankly I don’t and can’t accept this, as a father myself. I feel religion is needed by many people to fulfill certain needs, but the God created by manmade religions has qualities that people no longer consider holy. This whole model of Jesus being a sacrifice for our sins is just a abstraction made by Paul of the horrible practice of animal sacrifices for atonement of sins. I don’t buy it., and millions of others are not buying it anymore. I think to myself….the guy down the street kills 20 kids in a school, the people of Texas are mad and are about to put him to death. then I step forward and say, “No take my son instead and kill him”. It would be unbelievable for this to be acceptable in the eyes of the people of Texas and the state as just, yet this is what we are asked to believe in the Pauline model. The homosexual debate is going to bring all this to light, as people are forced to examine it. It had better do some fancy dancing like it did concerning slavery.

n short, yes, the homosexual debate is hot right now, and the church is taking a beating….especially for it’s stance that this sexuality is one would chose, and not inborn…BUT A MUCH MORE THREATENING SPECTOR IS ONE CAUSED BY THE SALVATION MODEL DESCRIBED ABOVE. The exclusion of homosexuals from this salvation plan lest they change their very nature is just a drop in the bucket compared to exclusion of billions, and it should just only be a subsumption under it, not the main issue.

Sin….written Feb 21, 2013, and still holds for me

People always refer to sin. I am used to hearing preachers hammer congregations about their sins and how they must repent. You see people cry, and raise their hands towards heaven during altar calls. They are ‘Saved”. Saved from what? Funny though, this never resonates with me anymore. I think to myself, “What sin did I commit this week that is so bad that I am to cry and beg forgiveness at the altar like some people. I wonder to myself, “What the heck have they done that is so bad?’ I look down my block and see guys go off to work everyday, then return at night. I wonder what they could have done so bad….while trying to make a living for their families. Are they breaking the ten commandments right and left…murdering, stealing, breaking the Sabbath, etc. Are people expected to be perfect and never let a thought enter their minds that is not pure?

Maybe if I were a pastor, I would come to realize that people are sinning right and left, and how pitiful they are. But I don’t see it in my extended family, and anybody I know….only maybe in the paper….and on Sundays at the end of church.

I don’t get how God would expect everyone to be perfect….after he gave us all free will. I don’t expect it of my own kids, and surely wouldn’t throw them into a fire if they made a mistake. I think all this is BS invented by man meant to control people.

But I still say, man needs religion…he seems to need it for strength, hope and direction, and I don’t say do away with it. Just don’t let anyone make you feel like a piece of crap, just because you are human, and sure as hell, don’t send anybody any money.

No prayer in public school

Absolutely not. I had prayer in school as a sixth grade student….until the parents found out the teacher a Jehovah Witness. Tell us exactly what prayers would be okay,…Muslim, Buddhist, Mormon, Baptist….all count the same here in America. Nope, maybe a minute of silence a day okay, but formal prayer, no way in public schools.


Fundamentalists condemn man to be completely rotten and deserving of nothing except by the grace of God. Thus man controlled due to his need to be “saved”. In ancient times sacrifices used with blood thrown all over the place, now people think this abolished because God sent himself to compensate for our badness. This makes no sense….too much drama. Just show yourself, Jesus, instead of rewarding us for being infinitely gullible, instead of using our brains. Of course this will threaten somebody here and I will be blocked. Hey, ever think that God might want for us to use our brains? It’s like a class of kids in school. Who will the teacher give a better grade to, a non-thinker, or one who uses his mind?

Wishful thinking

 Phew, all this above in graphic is a prime example of wishful thinking by the person praying. Very rarely are prayers without consequences to others in terms of their free will. You pray for rain, and the guy next stores prays for no rain. You pray for your team or group, and the guy next store for his. Pray is an example of egoism to me….do what I want, hell with everybody else. Not always of course, but many times. Thus next time you pray thing of others it will affect.

Forget about it

Me too, but fact is that pastors care more about attendance than anything. It pays the money to support their families. It’s a profession first, than ANYTHING else. So few pastors will take the chance of riling up maybe half their congregations, and thusly lose attendance. You ain’t going to see pastors inviting pro-life people to talk in their churches….period. It’s actually a phony profession, you know But of course there are exceptions, but in general, forget about it.

And oh,, now making a remark about blank sheet above depicting what Bigfoot and God look like together:

Yep, I see them, clearly. Please forgive me, Lords, for being born a piece of dog doodoo.I know I need you for approval. Don’t worry, I’ll go to church and wail towards you. And of course, I’ll pay my tithes. Thanks, Lord, you are completely good. Say hello to my infant son you took up there.