For Joyce

Joyce Arns Diehl said: The old testament is history. Then Jesus came and God sacrificed him that all our sins would be forgiven forever IF WE ARE SINCERE IN ASKING FORGIVENESS AND LIVE ACCORDING TO HIS COMMANDMENTS. All the guidelines in the Bible can be boiled down to the big ten.

But, Joyce, does it really make sense that God sacrificed his son to save us. Tell me how that would work. Consider this: YOUR NEIGHBOR DOES SOMETHING WRONG TO YOU. SHE FEELS BAD AND COMED TO YOU TO ASK FORGIVENESS. YOU COULD FORGIVE HER VERY EASILY BECAUSE SHE A FRIEND. BUT INSTEAD OF FORGIVING HER, YOU SAY: “NO, I WON’T FORGIVE YOU UNLESS YOU CRUCIFY MY SON, WHIP HIM, HURT HIM, THROW A SWORD INTO HIS SIDE, ETC. DO THIS AND I FORGIVE YOU.” TELL ME ANYBODY, HOW WOULD THAT SATISFY ANYTHING. WOULD IT MAKE SENSE? Sorry, Joyce, you have never thought about the whole story you have swallowed. You not born bad like you have been told, needing subservient bowing, and praying. jUST ALWAYS DO WHAT IS RIGHT….PERIOD. YOU GOT THIS FROM YOUR MOTHER. Making everybody feel guilty plain incorrect, and not right. Your refernce to Old Testament as history is pure apology. Did you know that Jesus said not a jot nor tiddle should be changed in it, and that Jesus was a Jew. Why didn’t Jews back then fall for the Christian story. Why did it take over 300 years to be made official. Also, if you were born in India, wouldn’t you be polytheist., and not go to heaven according to Christians. Now, you are going to defriend me right. Would God do that to me, just for using my mind. I don’t think so.

Kid baptized

But done under the name of religion, William. If a priest as Harris says prays over a cracker and grape juice it becomes the blood and body of Christ, but a person does the same to his pancakes in the morning, saying they now the blood and body of Elvis Presley, and he taken to a mental hospital



He actually is everybody’s president. That is how we must stop and consider this. Make as good as possible. But, Retta, still refuses. Come on, Retta, did you act like this whenever you didn’t get your way? Give the guy a chance. When he screws up, go after him, as I surely will.

Our government….how it works, and why it so good

The below is a response to Loretta, a person thinking the end of our country about tio happen due to election of Trump. She stressed that Obama wasn’t given a chance as President.

Yep, Obama attacked, but remember, he had Congress for two years on his side. He should never been re-elected the second time…yes, he did next to nothing, maybe because of opposition. But that is why our country and government so successful. A President incites the population, and the next election he loses control of Congress and is curtailed. That is all that happened, and could well happen to Trump. But you reacting like a crazed maniac. Don’t worry about all this….it will all turn out well. How many times must I tell you this. Don’t you get how our government works?

Why God?

But first, God, tell us why cancer exists in the first place, and why do nice people vget it. Is it because Adam and Eve ate a piece of fruit…..err, before they had the knowledge of right and wrong of the tree. Why do that, God, if you a totally loving father, who knew what would happen anyway? Why all this suffering. But yes, please do as the graphic says.

To Baylor Fans board

God’s plan!!! He created everything….he allows us to try to fulfill his impossible demands….even thoughts you know are counted, then allows you to think he will break free will principle if you pray….then don’t believe everything and you cast into fire forever. You deserve nothing, you born a bag of crap, and must fight continually against a bad nature. You can do everything possible to help others, but if you don’t accept Jesus, you go to the place of fire….right there with all your friends. Or you believe and go to heaven to genuflect for trillions of years or play bingo or Parcheesi with a guy who killed you wife, but then accepted Jesus on death row….all these according, not to me, but to Jimmy Swaggart and company. Any remarks. Is this true or not?

Please answer, Judy

Going to ask my question yet again: Your neighbor does something against you. She feels bad so comes and asks forgiveness. You have a son names Jesus. Instead of forgiving her, you say, “No, take my son, Jesus, and crucify him, make him bleed, ridicule him, throw a spear into his side…..then I will forgive you.” Does that make any sense….to anybody using their brain to contemplate it? Well that is what has been sold to you….without you contemplating anything. I was such until just three years ago.

Don’t worry about going to hell. No loving God could send his children there for trillions of years in a fire. Just do things because they are right. Don’t pass on this BS about a God giving himself up….opps, I mean his son….a religion that celebrates a human sacrifice two thousand years ago., and passed on through persecution, crusades, with trials, inquisitions, etc. I know religion is tame now, but see what happens if Jimmy Swaggart ever made this country of ours a theocracy. I wonder why we don’t like having a Muslim put his beliefs on facebook….how about Hindu stuff, or Buddhist? Just live well, and stop the propaganda. If I am wrong, tell me, please, but I want proof, not vague beliefs….hey, there are 38 thousand Protestant varieties….which one is correct? Please refute what I say, instead of running to hide, not Judy, but anybody.

God’s Plan….again?

So why are we playing out this drama of life (God’s Plan, you know) with babies dying of hunger, people fighting and dying, rape and incest, etc. Why all the suffering….God’s Plan?

God and disasters

Yep, I’d like to know where God is for any disaster. Tell us all why we playing out this drama movie….with all the subplots of suffering, death, torture, etc. Why make a single person suffer? Do you like this God, our ever loving father? Why do we have to have a rapture with battle of Armageddon, with millions dying? All this because Adam took a bite of fruit….phew, why did you put that tree of right and wrong there in the first place, God? Why tempt a newly created creature….hey, you supposed to know he would fail anyway, so why do it? You like suffering in people, right, or do you like drama movie? Who is writing this stupid script anyway? Please, anybody respond to these remarks and questions!!!!

All religion punches its kids to get them to believe, just not physically. Ever watch Jimmy Swaggart on TV, with his stupid son Gabriel acting like this guy above, but with words, songs, threats of going to hell, fake statements about all of them being born bad, etc.
How can a crucifixion compare to an eternity of burning in hell, just for not being a believer. Show yourself, Jesus, and everybody will believe….what’s with the disappearing act stuff? What’s with all this suffering by innocents? I’m thinking all this is a fraud. How can an all loving father do this to his children? And you omnipresent, right? Then you in hell, too? Come on, cut the crap….we have brains.
Also, I’d like to know why we need prayer. Do we get reward from it, or does it just sooth our minds, and not real. God never wrong after prayer, he either says yes, no, or later, so how can we tell? Somebody please answer this for me. Judy? I’d also like to know why 9 million kids below 5 years old die each year, with parents praying like crazy. Please explain, somebody. I’ve been plagued with this a long time. Nobody can answer, or even try.

Yep, why did he need the blood of animals to flow right from the beginning when he rejected Cain’s sacrifice. God loves that blood, you know, and the smell of cooking flesh. Sure he does. Who liked it were those damned priests who got the best cut of all these stupid sacrifices….hey, like today with money and pastors.

John Ecker

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