God’s Plan….again?

So why are we playing out this drama of life (God’s Plan, you know) with babies dying of hunger, people fighting and dying, rape and incest, etc. Why all the suffering….God’s Plan?

God and disasters

Yep, I’d like to know where God is for any disaster. Tell us all why we playing out this drama movie….with all the subplots of suffering, death, torture, etc. Why make a single person suffer? Do you like this God, our ever loving father? Why do we have to have a rapture with battle of Armageddon, with millions dying? All this because Adam took a bite of fruit….phew, why did you put that tree of right and wrong there in the first place, God? Why tempt a newly created creature….hey, you supposed to know he would fail anyway, so why do it? You like suffering in people, right, or do you like drama movie? Who is writing this stupid script anyway? Please, anybody respond to these remarks and questions!!!!

All religion punches its kids to get them to believe, just not physically. Ever watch Jimmy Swaggart on TV, with his stupid son Gabriel acting like this guy above, but with words, songs, threats of going to hell, fake statements about all of them being born bad, etc.
How can a crucifixion compare to an eternity of burning in hell, just for not being a believer. Show yourself, Jesus, and everybody will believe….what’s with the disappearing act stuff? What’s with all this suffering by innocents? I’m thinking all this is a fraud. How can an all loving father do this to his children? And you omnipresent, right? Then you in hell, too? Come on, cut the crap….we have brains.
Also, I’d like to know why we need prayer. Do we get reward from it, or does it just sooth our minds, and not real. God never wrong after prayer, he either says yes, no, or later, so how can we tell? Somebody please answer this for me. Judy? I’d also like to know why 9 million kids below 5 years old die each year, with parents praying like crazy. Please explain, somebody. I’ve been plagued with this a long time. Nobody can answer, or even try.

Yep, why did he need the blood of animals to flow right from the beginning when he rejected Cain’s sacrifice. God loves that blood, you know, and the smell of cooking flesh. Sure he does. Who liked it were those damned priests who got the best cut of all these stupid sacrifices….hey, like today with money and pastors.

John Ecker

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To the deluded one

What a phony fraud Jimmy is, and still operating with his stupid followers. What does the guy have to do, folks, kill somebody?
valencia hargrave 

There will be many souls in the Kingdom of Heaven because of Jimmy Swaggart and you need to repent or you will not see the Kingdom of Heaven. The devil and his demons hate Jimmy Swaggart because he preaches the TRUE GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. Demon Spirits hate the Message of the Cross. And you obviously hate the Message of the Cross (1st Corinthians 1: 17-18)

Valencia, gee thanks for relegating me to hell. Phew, I’m sure you know about this stuff!!! Ever read the Bible? Of course not. , right? So you beliv4e in the Ark of Noah, or Johan inside a fish, or mqaybe it being okay to kill your son, like Abraham, or kill a woman who isn’t a virgin on marriage, or cutting off the hand of a woman protecting him during a fight by grabbing the other guys testicles, etc. You nhot informed, but can condemn me or anybody to hell. Please provide a neutrino of evidence that heaven or hell exist, except in your mind as a means tio condemn others, those who don’t agree with you.

Plus, Valencia, Jimmy Swaggart has you believing you born bad, of course needing him to get you right with God. Sure, you bad all right, but only because you have shut off your mind. Watch this guy or Donnie controlling your mind….with always repeating the singing three times, them the chuckling criticism of anybody disagreeing with him, then the pitiful people jumping up and down while singing, then a doleful sermon, but of course you believing him will make you be saved. Come on, Valencia, start watching. First of all you not born bad, but I must say you judgmental. You go to hell for that you know.


Take a douche, Pastor

Fake church

Yep, this stuff bugs me, but most of all the people who gleefully attend and listen. They give and give, and are hoping for the rapture….you know, the time they taken up into the air when Jesus comes back….something he said would take place before his own disciples had passed away. They literally can’t wait for the rest of the world be punished ….for not believing. Look, be a good person, help a poor person, and leave these fake, phony, fraud preachers to themselves. Did you know Ken Copeland worth 700 million?….phew that would help many poor people….take a douche, Pastor.

Tell us, Clara

Message from god

But tell us why God shuts his eyes to kids dying everyday….over 9 million a year under 5 years old. What about the flood in Louisiana, why did that need to happen, right there in that gutter snipe, Jimmy Swaggart’s, territory, and city. Please provide an electron’s worth of proof that God exists, please….a neutrino would do. Why allow us to go through all this suffering….since he knows what will happen anyway. Where did the devil come from, who created him? Why is he allowed to continue to exist, just talk him away, God. And where are you hiding….just one appearance in the sky and we all believe. No, Clara, you using religion to appear good, and to provide positive stuff in your mind….right? Ask Teddy about all this. BTW, you just good in yourself.

Clara Prisco no one can answer that I think we all need some kind of faith to keep us going
Isaac Newton Brown.  Yep, that might be true. I’m wondering why nobody can answer though my questions above. I wonder why religion says have faith and you forgiven….why is that so important instead of what you do to others. Some people have faith in their dogs, and do nothing to help fellow man. Faith, what exactly is that except believing what you know isn’t true. So tell me, is it better to be a good person, or one who has faith. Then tell me….if you born in India wouldn’t you have faith in millions of Gods like Hindus. We believe in one God here. I say, live a good life, and be happy….period.

Please explain

Fake Mary


Sorry, but she conceiving by God, just doesn’t cut it with me. Wouldn’t work today, right? Also, what God’s Plan. Let us all suffer for 2 thousand years, when he knows how everything will turn out anyway? Please explain all this to me. And if your neighbor wronged you and asked for forgiveness, would you say yes or no, OR instead say, “Take my son, beat him, humiliate him, then hang him on a cross, and I will forgive you.” How does that make any sense? Would you do that to your own son, in order to forgive your neighbor? Please explain.

Religion musings Aug 21, 2016

Prayer….Fixes nothing actually except state that a person hopes things turn out okay for someone else..just a one word version of such. I don’t like it because it brings deity into it. I always just say, “Yep”….and have thew same good intentions or support as anybody. “Thanks, mom, for the soft heart you provided me with your example and training”

About Jimmy Carter…..Yep, Jimmy a wise man….thorough a hapless President. I have read his writings, and he much more than a mere president.

Kim davis aug 21

But can this creep continue in her job doing like she did… not representing everybody under the law. Hey, Kim, did you stone your son for not being respectful, or your neighbor for picking up sticks on the Sabbath. Is it fair to cut a woman’s hand off if she grabs a guys gonads who is fighting with her husband? Hey,, you can’t talk in church, you know, being a woman…ever do that? Do you believe in Noah’s Ark or Samson killing 1000 men with the jaw of an ass? Any of you literalist Christians want to answer, go ahead.



Those vastly overrated Commandments again

Only two are actual modern laws, and actually there are 613 commandments, justifying killing your son, your neighbor, hitting slaves, etc. Many other laws much better existed before these, like in Egypt, with Hammurabi, etc. This emphasis on the Ten Commandments a bunch of BS actually to us who know. Think for a second: remember when Moses killed the Egyptian, years before the Commandments, didn’t he know he did wrong …and ran to hide? Yes, he did. Did not the Jews know right from wrong while in Egypt. And just read the commandments, they sophisticated? But yes, they make a good name for a movie with Charlton Heston….but morality based on them, no way. Just telling the truth here.

Why all this hate for us?

They motivated by something not present in the past. I’m speculating bombing of Iraq during that war of Bush….I and II….remember the lights of bombs over Baghdad? You get your family blown up, you join a movement…in this case, one that says God on your side….and you get 72 virgins Yes, something is fueling this hatred for us. I never remember it in our lifetimes like now. Religion used as justification….phew. What do you guys think? I’m not sure i’m right.