Religion musings Aug 21, 2016

Prayer….Fixes nothing actually except state that a person hopes things turn out okay for someone else..just a one word version of such. I don’t like it because it brings deity into it. I always just say, “Yep”….and have thew same good intentions or support as anybody. “Thanks, mom, for the soft heart you provided me with your example and training”

About Jimmy Carter…..Yep, Jimmy a wise man….thorough a hapless President. I have read his writings, and he much more than a mere president.

Kim davis aug 21

But can this creep continue in her job doing like she did… not representing everybody under the law. Hey, Kim, did you stone your son for not being respectful, or your neighbor for picking up sticks on the Sabbath. Is it fair to cut a woman’s hand off if she grabs a guys gonads who is fighting with her husband? Hey,, you can’t talk in church, you know, being a woman…ever do that? Do you believe in Noah’s Ark or Samson killing 1000 men with the jaw of an ass? Any of you literalist Christians want to answer, go ahead.



Those vastly overrated Commandments again

Only two are actual modern laws, and actually there are 613 commandments, justifying killing your son, your neighbor, hitting slaves, etc. Many other laws much better existed before these, like in Egypt, with Hammurabi, etc. This emphasis on the Ten Commandments a bunch of BS actually to us who know. Think for a second: remember when Moses killed the Egyptian, years before the Commandments, didn’t he know he did wrong …and ran to hide? Yes, he did. Did not the Jews know right from wrong while in Egypt. And just read the commandments, they sophisticated? But yes, they make a good name for a movie with Charlton Heston….but morality based on them, no way. Just telling the truth here.

Why all this hate for us?

They motivated by something not present in the past. I’m speculating bombing of Iraq during that war of Bush….I and II….remember the lights of bombs over Baghdad? You get your family blown up, you join a movement…in this case, one that says God on your side….and you get 72 virgins Yes, something is fueling this hatred for us. I never remember it in our lifetimes like now. Religion used as justification….phew. What do you guys think? I’m not sure i’m right.

Oh, Barb

But without us protecting Israel, they dead meat….let’s be realistic. Everybody loves Israel, that goes without saying. Barbara, have you ever read Jeremiah, try it sometime, I dare you. Until then, how can anybody use a single sentence from it. This implies you believe everything in the OT….again, just try to read it. Of course, people quote this book….almost always to back up something they say, but yet they never read the thing. I’m not sure people are understanding what I’m trying to convey. Now, Barb, are you going to delete this in the name of religion, when your post uses Jeremiah…..a book written by primitive people in the 600 B C years. If any of this Bible stuff was claimed now by anybody, we would see immediately they deluded, and end up in Kings Park Hospital. Again, I just can’t see how people give up their ability and right to use critical thinking all the time. JUST READ THE BIBLE sometime. This to me is like telling my kids Santa doesn’t exist.

Hey Harris

jews supported by god....sure

Where was God in WWII, Harris? Sorry, but that came to mind immediately. Why all these hostile Muslims all around you now. They ain’t going away…why all this stuff?…I’d like to know, Jews are God’s people right? Well, why all this trouble for Jews all through history? Look, I don’t like this stuff, but wonder why it happening. Please explain.

 Peg Rozzi-Miccicheche Where was GOD?? Fighting against the nazi’s that’s where….
John Ecker Yep, might have seemed like that, but Nazis thought God on their side, like any group. The storm troupers actually all wore belt buckles that said, “God is with us.”That’s why I frown on groupism….”my group always right… don’t confuse me with the facts, I’ve already made up my mind.” Fact is that the war won because we stronger, not because we praying more. I know Harris a great guy, but he victim of this phenomena too. I can’t help pointing out stuff to him or anybody.We as Americans support Israel, but not because God on their side….though some leaders will make you think that. As I said before, there are more than a billion Muslims praying against the Israelis, so why not say God on their side? Are you getting this Peg, think a little and don’t be a victim? Let’s back whomever is correct…then we can’t be wrong. I’m not against Harris, just trying to inform him and everybody else, watch out about being a blind follower of ANY group you in, and watch out because if you tell them they wrong, you kicked out. You statement above just doesn’t hold true. You mean God is going to wait for 6 million of his people to be killed, then we win? Then there were about 6 million Slavs killed, plus about 40 million other people.

Mr. Big

2000 years ago

But tell me, Mr. Big, why would God die to himself…since Jesus just the second part of HIM… to do this? Why, please? Why not just appear in the sky, and say, “You guys doing bad down here, but I forgive you, just stop!!! Why not just forgive? Why say instead, “No, take my son (which is really me) and crucify him….then you must not even have a bad thought, and i forgive you.” How does it help to kill yourself, God? Has anybody else ever thought of any of this? This is a logo story. People only see Jesus suffering, and somehow feel bad he did this for them, when it makes no sense for such to happen. I want to believe all this, but loojk around and observe, and say “How can this be?’ Yeah, I know, just have faith. Okay, then why not have faith in Poseidon, or Zeus, or my goldfish?

Respond, Bruce

How? Think of this situation, please Bruce, then respond. Your best friend, whom you love, does you wrong. He comes to you, and says, sorry. You could easily forgive him, but instead say, “No, take my son… torture, humiliate him, whip him, and crucify him, then I will forgive you.” Tell me Bruce, why would you or anybody accept such a dumb remedy.? Does it make any sense at all, kill your son instead of just forgiving. Then there is the dying to himself factor, why would God die to himself? Then there is the omniscience factor…since God has known exactly what will happen anyway….including fact Adam would fall….why play this out….with the suffering and death existent under this “plan”. No, Bruce, I know, you can’t explain anything, right. I’m wrong for using my mind, right? Then tell me this, what religion would you be if you were born in India?…in Pakistan, in Utah, etc….all ones you don’t like, right. Hey, I’m not hammering you, just trying to make you think….like you explained to your kids when you told them Santa was fake. Look, take account of your behavior, thank your mother, not a book written by stoners, which you have hardly read, for your values, be tolerant of everybody rights, be kind and compassionate, etc All these are part of your nature. Now think a few days, then respond, and this goes for anybody else.

Have a good time, fear not

Yep, fear used all the time to control people, especially with religion with its heaven/hell concept….like parents used with us as kids with Santa getting mad if we not good.and bringing presents if we good. Screw that, just don’t hurt anybody, and go out having a great time. You didn’t know anything before you born, and you will know nothing after death…..THIS IS IT HERE, AND NOW…PERIOD….fear not.

More religion bs

I have never figured out why God would sacrifice himself to himself to satisfy some old debt of a guy eating a piece of fruit given to him by his wife. Additionally this fruit provided knowledge from the tree of right sand wrong, so how was Adam supposed to know right before he actually ate it? Plus, since God is omniscient, he knew Adam would eat the fruit ahead of time, so why continue the drama since the outcome know already. Why put mankind through all this suffering, killing, sickness, etc, when God knows what will happen anyway….why overlook all this? Somebody, think about this and react.


Horus 2

 This not the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning….it’s instead just the beginning of the beginning. There are numerous other so called saviors and Gods years before Jesus. Jesus is just the one that stuck with us….Marge. This heaven/hell BS has got everybody scampering. Not me however. I was fine before i was born, and will be the same after I die. Don’t believe you born a piece of dog shit, deserving nothing except God’s grace. What is God’s grace except bending of the rules just because someone says, “Jesus is Lord.”…as they condemn gays, blacks, women, everyday Muslims, etc. Sorry, leave me alone, I’m just going to do what I and everybody inherently knows what is right….period.