Watchtower Phonies (Jehovah Witnesses)

Watchtower phony

 This absolutely true. I was shunned in Brownwood, Tx for going out with a divorced woman. This couple was as friendly as could be….they from New York like me….then just would turn away when I would say hello. I couldn’t figure it out until somebody told me about them. About two months ago Warchtower members came to my door and gave me some tracks. I began to ask tough questions, and one sweet talked me, as he was backing away. He said he would return, but the guy never did. Just another phony. I’m frankly amazed how people want you to follow them, but no questions….lest you be deemed from the devil.

Sam stick to Catholicism

Sam, stick to the Catholicism. It works oriented….so you must be a good person or go to hell. I have never liked this Protestant faith B.S. With faith a person can believe and condemn anybody or anything. With works at least you make something of yourself in your life. Yeah, I know Baptists, from faith comes works (James…a guy almost not included in the Bible), but you never get ant credit for busting your back in helping others….you just must accept Jesus as you savior. Tell me, how Jesus has anything to do with saving me. Okay, I believe in you, Jesus. Now I go to heaven to praise you for creating this stupid system. No way, I’m just going to continue to help everybody, and protect the lives of the pre-born..

God needs rest?

God needing rest

Yes, yet another point I should have noted. And people say the Bible not manmade….just why God with all these manlike characteristics then. But people must believe because I never make a bit of headway with anybody of faith. They seem to be afraid of being alone. Plus where is all this guilt people have coming from. Watch Jimmy Swaggart on TV and it seems his flock have all killed people and feel very low about themselves. They also in glee when he mentions the rapture….when they lifted into the sky and all the terrible sinners….like their neighbors…all go to hell. What is all this B.S.? My wife in JS camp. My kids don’t want to hear anything. My friends leaving me. Hey, I’m the same guy. This is quite pathetic.

Dog Soul….why not Christians?

Dog soul

Unless they wild, Bill, but of domesticated ones, surely. You can be disliked by every human…even be Hitler, and your dog will stick with you, love you, and respect you. What could be nobler than that? Hmm, wish Christians were that way.


VERY IMPORTANT POST: How scripture got written

This is a very important post. I just happened on another site I belong to. Read it carefully.

This nothing against Oldbear or JXl, but I just couldn’t let this opportunity to remark about how “scripture” propagated itself back during Jesus’s time.

First I asked the following question.
Here’s one for you, X,. Tell me why the angel of the lord needed Jewish families smear blood (oh nice, let’s use blood) on the mantles of their houses to show him that he should pass over. You mean the angel didn’t know where Jews lived. And tell me how, like Santa Claus, the angel visited and killed the first born….animal and human males…in one night. Oh, this means nothing, right!!! Tell me, that a person like Hitler can be forgiven through grace after he killed indirectly 40-50 million people. What about those 40-50 million people. Where’s the justice for them. They died without the benefit Hitler got.

Hey, x, I have hundreds of these I have noted from reading the Bible. You a man of evidence. Start now and answer the questions. This would help everyone on the fence. Come on, don’t punk out.

Then Oldbear answered….I know a hypothetical for him: 
Quote Originally Posted by OldBear83 View Post
OK, so let’s take a hypothetical case. Suppose a man murders a bunch of people then converts to Christianity. Certainly from a secular point of view it looks unjust, but there’s a lot we don’t know. First off, if someone asks God to forgive them but they do not repent of the evil they have done, they are not forgiven. God is God, not a sap to be used to get away with evil.

And repent is not just saying you are sorry. Repentance means not only that you wish you had not done the evil thing, but that you are willing to do what is needed to make things right. Here on earth there is no way to make up for a murder, or any other of a number of crimes. I figure God has ways for us to start the walk back from hell, but while we depend completely on grace for forgiveness, let’s not pretend even for a moment that forgiveness means God condones sin.

So now let’s say our guy is genuinely contrite, wishes he had not done those horrible things. Stop for a moment and imagine if you were that guy. If you are truly contrite for your wrongs, you are now feeling truly wretched as you look back on what you did. Forgiveness does not mean you get to forget what you did.

Now, I have this little idea in my noggin, which I try to keep in mind when I start thinking big on myself and believe I can act the jerk without consequence. Suppose, just suppose, that in the world to come we all meet up again with everyone we ever met … and we have to settle differences with everyone we hurt or insulted. In this next world, you can’t get away with arrogance or pretending you don’t have to answer for your behavior. We don’t get to toss off some clever phrase that puts down the other people and makes us feel like the big shot. We each have to be honest, humble, human with each other, with Jesus as coach and guide but the point is, one by one we have to make peace with everyone we ever hated or hurt. I don’t know about you, but getting there would take me a very long time, and just thinking about it makes me realize I am not a very good man. 

Someone like Adolf? If he got to that place, he’d be tormented by the truth and the scale of his malice for centuries. And while I’m not talking about the torments of damnation, the weight of personal responsibility would be severe.

God forgives, but He’s no sap, and you can’t put one past Him.

Then, JXL remarked:
This is great stuff. 

Can you see what I am getting at. Oldbear is similar to Paul, making stuff up along the way as needed…though probably sincere (also like Mohamed, Joseph Smith, Ellen White, L. Ron Hubbard, etc). Then a person who wants to believe, JXL, jumps in and accepted it.

Please answer these questions

I notice that Adam and Eve were just created and didn’t have an inborn knowledge of right and wrong….they hadn’t access to the tree of knowledge of right and wrong. Then they sinned by eating a fruit….big deal without knowledge of right and wrong. Only then were they allowed to understand what was right and wrong….after they had eaten. What kind of God is going to punish all of mankind for this happening before they knew right and wrong. I don’t get it. And why set up this Hollywood type script of people having to suffer to get to heaven. I just don’t get it. I really want to know this answer, and have asked it many times, but all I get is dogma….the Hollywood script…..which allows for the formation of a priestly class to “kelp” us get to heaven. Plus, heaven: Who would want to go there if it is constant subjugation to God, with singing a worshiping continually forever. Seems boring to me, and why would God need this? Please help in this quest to find these answers

Nuthouse aug 15 2015

Thanks, Brian, got a good laugh from this one. But it’s true. Imagine if the guy next store to you said, “Hey, my daughter is pregnant, but it wasn’t Billy who did it, it was the Holy Spirit. Yes, the guy would qualify for the nut house.

Look at this poor kid

Poor kid praying

Look at that poor kid…he just trusts his elders. Hey, kid, ever heard of the Easter bunny? This boy thinks he born a POS, not worthy of anything without God’s grace. He a pure sinner, the poor little bugger. He will go to hell if he does accept Jesus as his personal savior. Doesn’t matter if he helps 5000 people in his life, he deserves NOTHING for this, without Jesus getting credit. The elders who did this to this kid should be hog whipped.

Yes, this is democrat modus operandi in these times….buy votes. when Pres Johnson got the Civil Rights Bill of 1965 passed he said, Hot Damn, bow we have the Negro vote for 200 years. Next goal is Hispanic vote. This is why a great civilization eventually rots from within….you get people voting blindly for a party instead of what is right for the whole.

Mohammed, Moses, Joseph Smith, L. Ron Hubbard, etc


Similar to Moses and his over 600 rules!!! with dearth many times the penalty. Both these guys…Mohamed, and Moses… had wanted to take over the tribes of the area…..Mohamed copied Moses. It worked then, and it works now with Joseph Smith with his dumb Mormons, and L Ron Hubbard with his even stupider, Scientologists. This ain’t complicated.