I fear for you as well, INB. You show great contempt against God in many things you post. God is loving and forgiving, but if you do not mind your tongue, you may have reason to regret it. I have learned that lesson myself before, and do not wish it on anyone else.

No, Oldbear, I just have contempt for the God of your Bible, and your creed. You know this well, but keep trying to skirt the main issue….your God is very much like man, with his emotional responses, revenge, harsh treatment of women, etc, etc. You not that way, but the God of the Bible is. I don’t like people trying to bring God down. Yes, i will point out how the God of the Bible is all the things mentioned….you right about that, but your assessment of my motivation is completely wrong. But I know your heart in the right place.

Here’s D.c. chiming in:
Your contempt for a God who loves the people he created, forgives them when they fail and enables them to love people more like he does is noted.

My response to him: Sorry, D.C., I’m saying you the one for having contempt for God, with His telling Joshua to perform genocide, killing himself as his own son to save everybody, but not everybody knows this at first, as it didn’t get clarified for hundreds of years later…wow so efficient, plus HIS inconsistencies and contradictions, etc, etc. You want us to believe in such a decrepit God. Not me, and you should be ashamed of yourself for wanting such, and shaming people for not doing so.

Then Oldbear again: Grace will never be received, until a man admits he needs it.

My respionse to Oldbear: I don’t want it, Oldbear…I’ll take anything I deserve, not put it onto someone innocent….just doesn’t wash to me.

Now Oldbear: God help you then, INB. Pride kills.

My response: Okay, Oldbear, but i just don’t think so….God can’t be unjust, so he can’t merely forgive people without forgoing it. You have already read what i say about this. Doesn’t make sense to you, right?…or are you going to just pass this off?

Now D.C. again: Like I said before, I hope someday you will be able to understand and experience the love and redemption that God offers.

My response:Don’t need it, D.C., what do I actually do that I need to be ashamed of…or something God would want to punish me for? I don’t try to misrepresent Him as a God with human qualities, so I am not worried at all. I am not going to go around feeling guilty all the time, and genuflecting like you might be doing. I hope not.







Who can argue with The Christian belief that a celestial Jewish baby who is also his own father, born from a virgin mother, died for 3 days so that he could ascend to heaven on a cloud and then make you live forever only if you symbolically eat his flesh, drink his blood and telepathically tell him you accept him as your lord and master so he can remove an evil force from your spiritual being that is present in all humanity because of an immoral woman made from a man’s rib was hoodwinked by a talking reptile possessed by a malicious angel to secretly eat forbidden fruit from a magical tree.

I did This For You?

I did this for you

Why did Jesus have to die for me….what good would it be for God to die to himself? And why would my son have anything to do with forgiving anybody if he died for the sins of some bad kid down the street. I simply don’t get the logic of all this. Never did as a Christian, but just never contemplated it….just went along with the creed. Now I’d challenge anybody to explain ….but without saying “nobody can explain God”. You mean he not logical?

What will we do in heaven?

Yep, I’d like to know that too….genuflect, sing praises, no marriage, perfect body, no Baylor games….what could it be? I’m thinking we like a single spark in a spark plug (compared to overall time)….one spark, then gone…like before we sparked. but who knows….this just an anology by me….like anyone. Why would we need golden roads, mansions with no wife, family, or husband, etc. But it serves as a nice incentive for some….though they know nothing, noting about it. Same with hell….phew, don’t want to get into that one. It’s even more unlikely, and certainly not just.

Yet, yet again

Yet, yet, yet again I say, how can anybody here defend a book with laws deeming death to kids disobeying their parents (we all dead then), same for cutting your beard, women having their hands cut off legally for grabbing a guy’s balls if he fighting her husband (I mean is that necessary in the word of God?), talking snakes, bushes, donkeys, fish swallowing man for three days and he living, a strongman who kills a 1000 men with the jawbone of an ass, woman not being able to talk in church, a virgin birth, and resurrection (try to get away with that one these days), death if you work on Sunday, dead people (saints) coming out of their graves when Jesus died, a black sky for three hours also at that time, with a veil torn in half (oh how dramatic, like in a Hollywood movie), a God killing himself to save me from something a newly created man did back before he had the knowledge of the book of right and wrong, and on and on, and on. To maintain this as the inerrant word of God would really cramp us all if adhered to. Nobody follows this yet they will condemn, judge, and criticize anybody using his brain, and who tries to point out the ridiculousness and childishness of all this…like me, the little old wine maker. 


Look around

Yep, learn from yourself….be yourself, have fun. Don’t let anybody tell you , you born bad, and need redemption….that’s a way to control you. Take credit and blame for what you do, and concentrate on doing more and more good. Just follow the Golden Rule. DO NOT EVER READ THE BIBLE, or you will be grossly disappointed (I’m not talking about the cherry picked stuff of preachers….read the whole thing….phew)., but you will get wise at last. There is a lot to this so don’t jump, take your time. Look around and see how the world really works.

Lady says Bowie Going to heaven

Lady said David Bowie going to heaven. Then another lady said the , with me remarking after:

Susan Mireles:  Loved his music! Unfortunately, Sue, David was atheist so I don’t think he believed in heaven

INB: So why do you have to believe to go to heaven. Maybe he helped many, many people, doesn’t that count. Who is better a cheap believer or a generous unbeliever. I’m not getting this believe cstuff….is this fantasy stuff you must just swallow by believing, or is it real in terms of doing right? Please think about it, then tell me, okay? Also, just believing or not believing in something doesn’t make it true or not. I used to believe in Santa. But some things are true whether we believe in them or not. Is heaven real? Then whether Bowie believes in it or not, makes no difference. I’m saying heaven actually has nothing to do with belief, but how good you are as a person.



Women in WWII…you magnificent

Women did so much during WWII, including building tanks, planes, gyro’s like my mother, etc. They held down the ship at home and supported the men emotionally, then gave up their jobs as the guys came home. So bravo ladies, you magnificent.

Show yourself, God

 Yes, God the greatest fake, or the biggest joker in the universe. Come on, show us yourself, God, and will will believe immediately. …instantly. Can’t we expect that from someone said to provide paradise after death, after a life of kissing your ass, or quadrillions of years in a fire for looking at the nurse’s butt on our death bed. Come on out of hiding your glory.

Answering a question

Boy, I totally agree. In an attempt to appear nice, people posting graphics with blessings, prayers, Amens, etc….all just for effect, or mostly anyway., just like kids with Santa. None have read more than a page of the Bible, yet talk like phophets. When i ask salient questions, boom, I’m a bad guy….and nobody answers a thing, except spouting dogma or church doctrine. I’m especially amused to see quoting of the Bible to justify everybody’s views. Hey, how can anybody quote a book to prove itself, why not the Book of the dead, Koran, of Jainist manual. In short everybody just wants to appear “good”…with the authority of God. Phew, ( just do what bi know is right….by myself, not claiming divine approval.