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 This not the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning….it’s instead just the beginning of the beginning. There are numerous other so called saviors and Gods years before Jesus. Jesus is just the one that stuck with us….Marge. This heaven/hell BS has got everybody scampering. Not me however. I was fine before i was born, and will be the same after I die. Don’t believe you born a piece of dog shit, deserving nothing except God’s grace. What is God’s grace except bending of the rules just because someone says, “Jesus is Lord.”…as they condemn gays, blacks, women, everyday Muslims, etc. Sorry, leave me alone, I’m just going to do what I and everybody inherently knows what is right….period.

Bill Murrey

bill murrey june 19 2016

Phew, that true, and in some areas, even smart people ignore reason, and reality. FB counts on that with its usual white or black graphics….produced by radicals from both sides. People spot them, see something they identify with, rarely vet them, them boom share them, and derision starts. This during election time is especially rampant. Added to that is the division emboldened by Fox News and MSNBC.

Something wrong here Ben

Problem not guns

 Ben Jacobson. Well… he got the first sentence right.

John Ecker But, Ben, if God involved, why nothing done. If adding God would improve anything, people would be led to do it. All this too arbitrary to be real, and true. I’m wondering why we all part of this drama in the first place. I’m wondering how the devil came into existence in the first place….if God all good. Sorry, I just don’t get it. Something wrong in this whole scenario.

Prayers to god in school

Prayers should not be in public schools. In Virginia growing up, we were the only Catholics in the whole county….Rappahanock in the 50’s. We had a Jehovah Witness teacher in sixth grade praying all the time and telling us Bible stories. Parents didn’t like that, and complained for her variations on such. . Then in eight grade I had a history teacher do a whole period lecture on how bad Catholics were….with the last thing being….Now, how many people would want to be Catholic?” The kids pointed to me….”ecker would be”. So no, religion, and prayer, Bible stories shouldn’t be in school….lest somebody alienated. What about Muslim or Mormon prayers….they okay? I bet not, right? So leave this BS out.


Yep, but watch out about blaming all Muslims. Yesterday I watched a video of two Baptist preachers saying all homosexuals should be lined up in front of a wall and shot….they all being pedophiles. Well being Baptist, I must say such was not right, and very few Baptists feel that way.. Same with this nut job killing 49 people in Florida. I doubt very much that many Muslims feel such was right. Also, tell me also….when a Christian nutjob commits an atrocity, do we note it as a Christian guy….never, but such would be if in A MUSLIM COUNTRY. IT’S THE HOOK OF RELIGION BEING USED, FOLKS. Watch out for this propaganda. …people the same all over.


Drama of religion

Drama of religion

So simple. God is a Hollywood script writer. He loves to write scenes where suffering occurs….good to scare his people into “loving” him.We all part of a drama for TV in heaven, you know. That’s why everything so drawn out and difficult….with all these insane characters.

Commentary on gay shootings today in Florida

A commentary on today, after hearing about the gay shootings in Florida.Yep, it’s the right wingers who will tell you all homosexuals made the choice to be that way, God is mad at us for allowing homosexuals to be happy and not feel condemned, that grotesque men are about to invade bathrooms taking your little girls out, the end of the world is near, with Jesus coming back to save us, oh no, not you, just them who will rapture up into the air, that women shouldn’t speak in church, etc, etc. Tell me anybody: Are you a different religion than your parents. Very little chance yes. Well tell me how there can be over 30 thousand different Protestant churches all saying they the only way to heaven. And the Catholics have a horrible past with the Crusades, supporting Hitler, killing thousands of French Huguenot’s, etc. Hey, I’m a right winger, but one who sees all this BS. FB lives on this stuff, and has affected us big time here. Everything black or white depending on which graphic catches your eye, and you pass on, with no vetting. And any election exacerbates all this 3 fold. Yep, I’m hoping America gets kind again….if it ever actually was that way in the first place. Today there was a mass murder in Florida at a gay club. Hmm, wonder why with the gays being depicted as the bad guys all the time. Frankly, I’m tired of all this religion crap….just do what is right, and avoid wrong. Anybody can tell such. If not, put the sob in jail. And just another thing, I’m talking about Muslims here too, some are crazy fanatics.

Yep. It’s amazing to watch Jimmy Swaggart broadcasts with people raising their arms, lips quivering, people falling on the floor, or running around the church with glee, crying, etc….all because they did some kind of sin, and they need repentance. What does he have there a congregation of ax murderers or something? Probably didn’t say hello to a neighbor, or looked at the nurse’s butt in the hospital.

Barbara, somebody puts a pistol to your head and asks you a question. You answer, then he says he doesn’t agree, and if you don’t comply with him, he will blow your brains out. Now you might say, yes I have free will to disagree, but do you really in this situation? Well, hell is hanging over you if you don’t agree with God’s law. Do you really have free will to disagree? So tell me, where is the free will you talking about?

Latest challenge

Yep, but how many people say it’s okay to use reasoning also? I know of no religion that doesn’t ask you to check your brain at the door….talking snakes, jealous and vindictive God, women can’t speak in church, stone your son if he talks back, have a rapist pay a fine to you for raping your daughter, foreskins all over the place, an ark carrying millions of animals, men inside a fish for three days, etc. This stuff makes sense, right? Then you don’t believe all this and you banished to be in a fire for trillions and quadrillions of years. BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER: He loves you, as George Carlin used to say. But I know religion allows many people a place to do good deeds….though Protestants say such gets you no place, and provides hope, and fellowship for them. But at what price. You live in constant fear of going to hell, or many do. Plus you judge and condemn anybody who disagrees with you. Okay for those, please provde the slighest bit of proof of your beliefs. Go ahead, we will wait.

To B J Vavasseur

You a great singer, BJ, but deluded in your religion. You not born, nor anybody, born bad, and you not going to hell because you have a bad thought. What kind of loving parent would throw away his children just for not believing Jesus is their lord and savior. Plus why would God want to have his son die on the cross because of something Adam did thousands of year ago. Think about this, BJ.: Your friend does something wrong to you. She comes and asks for forgiveness. You could simply say, Okay, I forgive you and all is forgotten. But instead you say, No’ take my son and crucify him, make him suffer….then I will forgive you. Tell me please how that would make ANY SENSE AT ALL. Yet that is what you stand for, and make people feel guilty about all their lives….of course taking their money to relieve. Think about this a little, okay. But you a nice lady, everybody can see that, but so am I.

Just needed to say this, after thinking about yesterday….Catholicism old to us, but nothing compared to other major religions, like stated above. Muslims go back to 600’s AD. Mormons, only back to early 1800’s, Seventh Day Adventists to late 1800’s, etc. Can’t go by age of religions, and each religion feels it is correct.
Religions provide a code to guide one’s life, but actually overlook their own faults. For example, Catholics will say homosexuals incorrect even though it denies it’s own priests sexual expression for their whole lives….why is hard to actually figure when one considers how long a celibate life is, and what it’s actually value is….plus the checkered past of pedophile priests, ofter brought on by the attraction of going into priesthood because of ability to blend in, and sometimes from oppression of sexual urges by priests. We all know this is relatively not widespread, but at least exists….just like homosexuality.
I know we, you and I favor, Catholicism, but others much older say theirs correct. 
I’m starting to think that heaven and hell do not exist in reality, mainly because there is just not a molecule of proof for either. I’m just not buying that a guy with a soft heart like me will be set to an eternity of fire for using his brain to question. Where would civilization be if nobody questioned anything….but that is what the church did all through history. Imagine where we would be scientifically if this hadn’t taken place. Catholicism did this big time until  last several hundred years. 
Funny, when i am with you, I am almost completely Catholic, but then after sleeping on it, I see so much stuff to question.
You mentioned in your response letter that we could have conflict over this. I’m wondering why. Nobody actually knows what the trurh actually is. 
I’m not going.tg to send this letter now because it too m.ych to digest right now. You must hold the Pro-life group together even though

Fake political post

Joyce crap 1
Paul K Walker

One Million Muslims marching on Washington, THIS hallowed day….’Bout to meet TWO MILLION Bikers representing our FREEDOM while honoring the fallen of 911 and Benghazi….. Please LIKE and SHARE far and wide!

John Ecker Gee, hope the Freedom folks shoot all 1 million Muslims…just summarily shoot them down….but oh my they will have to go to jail then, they not enough room, must let out the killers, ut oh, the end of the country., We live in a civilized country, Joyce, anybody can protest. Don’t you think conservative news will pick this up big time.

Joyce Arns Diehl Not sure. Let’s wait and see. John Ecker

Katharine Finger Dated 9-10-2013

John Ecker Yep, so why pass on stuff like this. Want people to hate one another and then fight. I don’t get this kind of stuff, sio easy to just pass on.

John Ecker Thanks, Katharine. BTW, if you read about the actual event only 50 Muslims showed up, but this dumb graphic post says 1 million. This FB is getting to me.

Katharine Finger I dislike ANY form of hate here……

John Ecker Goes without saying….period….but I don’t think Joyce that way either, just controlled by emotion of the second..

John Ecker You not a bad muffin yourself., Katherine.

John Ecker Yep, tell me where you are…just kidding….bop….oh, Hi, FAnny, lumpster, and my little wife.

Katharine Finger Same here, John! :LOL! Whoops, Tim, I thought you HATED computers….”My bad!”

John Ecker Hope Joyce doesn’t think I trying to hurt her feelings, but she must just warch what she posts.

John Ecker Yep, it’s so easy to get caught up into politics, religion, sports, or whatever group, and be manipulated into emotional out bursts.

NOTE EVERYONE: This post was posted again from 3 years ago. Know how many Muslims showed up to threaten “our Freedom….like the headline said, no not one million, but 50!! Joyce the poster, actually is an old lady who is the victim of FB groupism. That means she part of a group, most likely with her husband, who are religious, and who hate ALL Muslims, and see them as a threat. Now when she notes something against them, she jumps and passes such on….WITHOUT VETTING THE THING….just pass it on as fact.