Two lies from Jimmy Swaggart yesterday

Yesterday, I noticed Jimmy Swaggart tell two big lies….one about a Pakistani girl who was crippled. She kissed the black stone in mecca thinking she would be cured, but no. Then later, she asked Jesus, and boom, she okay. The other lie was about his old Plymouth…that had knock in the motor. After asking two garages to inspect it, he was told he had a burnt valve, and it would cost 30-50 dollars to repair. Of course he didn’t have it, so he stopped the knocking car, opened the hood, and asked Jesus to fix it. He restarted the car and it “purred” from then on. 

Now everybody knows these care bald-faced lies, but nothing of course said….because his congregation made up of ChristianFans, who just smile and look away….then give him money.

Religion Comment

 God is good to all

What BS this verse is. Thousands of innocent kids die EVERY day of the week from starvation….tell one of them, or their parents that. All this BS is just a way to assuage the feelings of people who never use a single brain cell to evaluate or analyze anything religious leaders say. It’s quite pitiful to me. With these Muslim radicals today using religion as an excuse for their violent ways, we can see the result of blind following….just as the Christians were several hundred years ago…..and would be again if they had the power.

Climate Change Hoax

I’m thinking climate change a lot of bull. My friend from school says his scientist/engineer brother says this, so I tend to believe it. Also I remember when everybody said we were about to enter a new ice age. I saved an image of two Time mags showing the two claims. Then there is an article I cut from the Waco paper….supposedly from 1922 telling of a similar claim to global warming….way back then. I was in college for the ice age clsaim. It had been cold for several years so….boom, somebody jumped on it. \

Climate change

Climate change 1922 cropped.

ProLife Advice

Yes, NEVER an ill word, or confrontation. Women who have aborted a child are actually many times heartbroken, and need understanding. To confront them is to harden them. Make them feel that they can be forgiven, not condemned. Pray, don’t fight…..and win the battle of hearts.!

Who ius right on doctrine….nobody!!!

Every denomination has its own doctrine. Today I heard there are 30 thousand different varieties of Christianity, so which is right? Then you have Islam, Judaism, Shintoism, Hinduism, etc. Everybody thinks they part of something special and right. How many Baptists here feel Catholics not “saved”, and they will burn in heaven, and how many of you Catholics are certain you are right and Baptists going to hell. Don’t lie now. What were you taught as a child about this?

I personally don’t let anybody tell me which church is right. I just do what is right for its own sake, and give no credit to anyone but myself, and my parents for bringing me up that way…..period, no God involved…..though my Mom did mention him at times…..Dad, never.

Mike Huckabee threatens to leave Republican Party

Huckebee quote from Facebook: “[I]f the Republicans wanna lose guys like me, and a whole bunch of still God-fearing Bible-believing people, go ahead and just abdicate on this issue, and go ahead and say abortion doesn’t matter either,” he said in an interview with the American Family Association’s radio show Tuesday morning.

The one-time presidential hopeful said he was “utterly exasperated” with Republicans for not standing up to the Supreme Court’s decision Monday that paved the way for new states to offer same-sex marriage.

“I’ll become an independent, I’ll start finding people that have guts to stand. I’m tired of this,” Huckabee threatened.
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Huckabee also guaranteed the Republican Party would continue to lose people like him if it did not change its actions toward same-sex marriage.

I wrote this on Facebook in reply to his threat:

No, Mike, please tell us all where Jesus, not Paul, mentioned a thing against or for homosexuals. Look what they do sexually is disgusting to me, and you, but what we do is disgusting to them. They cannot increase in the population. Who would ever choose to be a homosexual? Nobody. Don’t go by the radicals homosexuals with their dumb agenda. Most homosexuals you don’t even know they are. They just want to be able to be happy….period. Leave them alone. What are they supposed to do….lay down and die. This issue is long overdue, and by nature will turn out in favor of homosexuals, just like slavery for blacks, and thge ability to talk in church for woman. Tell me, how would you feel if your son was a homosexual? I’m waiting to hear the verses, about Jesus and this issue. Don’t forget Paul was like a pastor trying to get and keep members. Back then they thought this stuff catching. Of course Paul was against it. Remember they also thought lepers were impure too, and that menstruating women too. Come. I’m waiting for the verses. Go ahead look….we ALL WAITING


  •  No, can’t do that. Homosexuals not a threat to our well being. They just want to be happy….period. Leave them alone….though I know they do disgusting things sexually, that’s up to them. They consider what we do to be disgusting. Don’t be deceived that most homosexuals are flaming gays like you see in the New York Gay Parade. Most ypu would never know….like my two childhood friends who we never knew as such. Just leave them alone, I say.

  • Martin Murray Let them start their own parade and stop sullying a Christian one!

  • Martin Murray A one that is order than the USA.

  • John Ecker But, Martin who would know if they homosexual. Remember I excluded the New York City activist types, who act like sick idiots.

  • Martin Murray homosexuality is condemned in the Bible. This march should be for Christians ONLY. Yes you should love the person but hate the sin, but they will turn a Christian Parade into a farce to promote sodomy. You will sharp realise WHAT they are, at the event.

  • John Ecker Like I keep saying I am only talking about “regular” homosexuals (like your own son could turn out to be, or one of your long friends), not the kind everyone disrespects, including homosexuals. The Bible can restrict many things, Martin, depending on what the person wants. How about women being able to speak in church, or stoning kids for talking back, or stoning men for cutting their beards incorrectly, or stoning people for working on Sunday, or stoning people who commit adultery….etc, etc.? This stuff takes a long time to rrealize I know. This time 20 years ago, I’d agree with you .

  • John Ecker And, Martin, their are many, many straights who commit sodomy with their wives….did you know that? Just trying to mellow you out, Man.

  • Martin Murray Horray for 20 years ago but if you are OK with it now it means you become part of the problem. People that sit on the fence will be vomited out by Jesus. You have to be for Christ. Not against His teachings.

  • John Ecker Please tell us exactly what Jesus said, Martin. Please quote book and verse because he said nothing, not a thing about homosexuality. You are thinking of Paul….but I don’t want those verses, just Jesus’s. Go ahead, look.

  • Martin Murray The Bible is the Word of God. And the Word was made Flesh and dwelt among us.

  • John Ecker So we all waiting….the books and verses so we can all check, Martin. Come on now….prove what you say.

  • John Ecker

    John Ecker Okay, Martin, I just think you haven’t investigated this well….like I years ago. Look tomorrow, for yourself, then think about what homosexuals do to hurt society. Back in Biblical times it was thought people chose this lifestyle. Now we know it is inborn. Tell me, why would anybody chose such a lifestyle….with no chance for kids. Biblical people thought this practice could catch on, but it can’t. It doesn’t expand, so what’s the problem? look, the priests that molested kids weren’t all homosexuals….many just sexual perverts. If you let this all settle in awhile, it will still disgust you, but you will see they deserve to be happy too, and Bible has nothing to say now about it….in our times, just like the stuff I listed above. Have a good night, and yes, God bless.

Yes, other countries are afraid of Christianity, but this no different that the way Christianity was in past. All this religion stuff is hard to figure. It used to be easy for me, but now, no. But just ask about it, and boom, watch your Christian friends flee… a bad person, even though you actually the same. This is what is hardest to figure…they afraid of you or something, or don’t want to hear anything….just believe without thinking. I doubt that God really likes blind faith.

Where I was as of April 2012….I farther along now

Here is a letter to friend back in 2012, about three years ago:

No church for me….I don’t believe in organized religion, but I do believe in God, and pray in my mind all the time…I don’t talk to myself, but to God. Fanny is strong member of Spanish church…she has blind faith like I used to have….that’s fine for her, but impossible for me, at this time of my life. Our kids have none of the guilt oriented beliefs I was inculcated with as a Catholic. They don’t do things to gain favor from God or escape his wrath, but because something is just right or wrong. 
But I understand why people need to belong to church, and I honor their choice. I feel I am still connected to God as strongly as ever, but don’t define him in human terms anymore. I don’t feel alone. I have studied many faiths and see how they are man-made, and subject to all the weaknesses of humans. I cannot merely overlook these and am not going to be a smiling phony and attend church and be part of what I consider to be a make believe world dominated by some guy the people think has more knowledge about something beyond the scope of human understanding.
I am very happy for you, Connie, that you are so happy being in a church, and hope you just stay the way you are….if that is your means of defining and dealing with the Supreme Being…and you gain hope and peace that way.
We are doing fine here. We have no debts, and live very simply. I have the kids to put through college now, but will dip into my retirement fund to make due. Fanny will be very poor after I pass on, and that worries me.
My mother is going strong at 89, and will probably live to 100….hope so. The last time I stayed with her, I noticed she didn’t do her usual 45 minute prayer at night where she prayed for everyone in the family personally. I was shocked because she has been a strong Christian for 75 years. I asked, Ma, why aren’t you there praying like always for 45 minutes before you go to bed?” She shocked me to the bone by saying….”Because it is all a crock of shit.”  I have never heard my mother use this expression. I frankly wish she had stayed the way she had been, but understand where she is coming from.

Well take care old friend. I am still the same guy who would get in the car and come help you immediately.

I am flabbergasted the way the govt has become completely dysfunctional…like John Adams predicted. We are in very bad shape, and the Chinese will beat our brains in. It’s their time. You and I have forcasted this for many years and it is coming true now. The fleas have all but sucked the life blood out of the dog, but there is enuf blood for you and I to have a good life, but things will get worse and worse for our kids, and grandkids. 


Isaac Newton Brown


Stuff about book of Job

Yes, I’m thinking the whole Bible just a collection of myths….ones that contain much bad behavior by God….but more amazing to me is how HE is construed to represent Good to many people…..people either young, blind, stupid, or full of false and unexamined faith. It just has to be a basic need for people to believe in something….maybe like I do the Bears. I’m still trying to figure all this out. The one thing I have learned here is that there are a majority of Christians who….like myself….have never sat down and read the Bible, or even questioned anything they have been fed. I am also amazed from being on this board to see so much rationalization thinking this whole belief system applies to them directly….a personal God. But I still believe something must have created all this….so I guess I am a deist, who just tries to live the Golden Rule. I feel that I am frankly a better person that most of these so-called Christians. But there are several that I admit are better than me.